Ecovista Windows - FAQ's

Ecovista Windows - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What ARE NOT the main reasons for having windows?
A: Light ventilation and view are not the main reasons to have windows in your house. If they were, you could improve all three benefits by having simple holes in the wall! Windows add protection. That is why double glazing is valuable. It gives better protection from heat loss or gain and from noise!

Q: How do I stop outside noise coming through my windows?
A: generally you can say that thick glass stops more noise than thin. You can also choose laminated glass designed to stop even more noise. Double glazing, especially double glazing in conjunction with laminated glass has a dramatic effect on noise reduction, remembering always that open windows or other openings reduce the noise abatement effects.

Q: What is your product quality like?
A: In terms of materials used Ecovista products can be seen to be of high quality. Design quality falls into two areas; ease of use (functionality) and efficiency (thermal and audio insulation). Ecovista Windows has set high standards in both areas and products conform to all relevant Australian Standards.

Q: Are your information sessions genuinely giving useful information or are they mainly just a hard sell?
A: We think our windows and doors will sell themselves when our customers know enough about the common sense things they should consider when making purchase decisions. We promise not to denigrate any other company or to purposely coerce you in any way. We wish only to establish good-will and hope that you will choose to deal with Ecovista Windows when you are ready. (At the same time we reserve our right to be proud and excited about our products).

Q: How long should I allow for manufacture and delivery of my order?
A: Three months or longer if possible. Windows and doors are required quite early in most building schedules. We recommend that you order early enough to help us ensure that you have your order on site in good time for a smooth building program.

Q: Can you store my order for me until I am ready to collect it?
A: Yes. In the normal course of events, short term storage will be free. In the event that you wish us to store your order for a longer period a reasonable storage fee will apply.

Q: Can I collect my order myself when it is ready and save on delivery costs?
A: Yes.

Q: What guarantees are offered by Ecovista Windows?
A: Windows and doors come with a ten (10) year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship in manufacture. Other products and certain accessories carry individual guarantees.

Q: Do you offer other allied products?A: Yes. We offer a range of window coverings like smart blinds, retractable blinds and plantation shutters as well as stair-cases (glass, stone and wooden), finger print recognition & video link front door security locks and more.

Q: I am always busy. Can you send someone out to see me?
A: Yes, if the distance of travel is manageable. Please call.