The pros and cons of double glazing for your aluminium windows

The pros and cons of double glazing for your aluminium windows

Most modern homes and buildings these days have aluminium windows and double glazing fitted as standard, and we have come to expect this in the properties that we purchase. However, if you don’t have double glazing and are looking to have this fitted, it is worth noting the many benefits, as well as one or two areas to be aware of on the downside of double glazing.

The pros of double glazing for aluminium windows

Insulation and reduction of energy bills
The first important benefit that springs to mind is the insulating properties of double glazing, and the part it plays in reducing your energy bills. Double glazing cuts down on the amount of heat escaping from your house into the atmosphere, so not only does it save you money, but it also works to cut down on your home’s “greenhouse effect”. As your home retains heat better, you can turn down the thermostat and keep the family warm for less, as well as reduce the amount of energy used, so it is environmentally friendly.

Increased home security
Another benefit is the increased home security that double glazing offers if you incorporate some of the modern security locking systems into your double glazed units. You can have window locks, secure doors that are double glazed, both front and back, as well as double glazed patio doors and skylights, which makes it a lot harder for would be burglars to force their way in. It is also worth checking household insurance policies to see if having double glazed doors and windows that incorporate integral locking systems reduces the amount of your insurance premiums.

Noise reduction
Due to the additional layers of glazing, a bonus has to be the reduction in noise pollution. If you live near a busy main road, or in an area close to local schools or communal playing fields, or if the neighbours have a noisy dog or a tendency to listen to loud music, double glazing will help to cut down on the noise. If you do live in a noisier neighbourhood, then having double glazing fitted is also a good selling point for would be buyers when you decide to sell.

The cons of double glazing for aluminium windows

On the flip side, there are some, albeit very few, disadvantages for the householder when it comes to deciding whether or not to fit double glazing. Because it does such a good job of keeping the house warm in the colder months, this may have its disadvantages during the hotter months. Double glazing will not do a lot to keep your home cool, and obviously there are times when you cannot go out and leave all the windows and doors open, so you may have to review the cooling systems in the house. There are a number of tints or films that you can apply to the windows and doors to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the property, but these would make your room seem a little dimmer.

The other disadvantage applies mostly to homeowners who live in older or period properties and who have a concern about the overall visual or aesthetic look of double glazing. Double glazing will change the outward appearance of the home, and so it is natural for people to worry whether this will be in keeping with the age and design of their house. Fortunately, with the increasingly large range of styles and features out there on the market, there is sure to be something to suit all properties.