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1,292 Posts
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5 months5 monthsddarrochddarroch posted:
What is the best heating systems?

As alexp79 says, condensation occurs due to the temperature difference between the inside & outside, compounded by poor insulation. If the interior surface cools to the dew point, condensation will…

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1 year1 yearSejaeDSejaeD posted:
Owner/ Builder -Architect Build PM'd by Rehaan Builders

With due respect, I can understand everyone jumping on Alex, but in his defence, I have been following him in a number of threads and I genuinely think that he…

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2 years2 yearsMyFirstMyFirst posted:
Should the free standing cooker be higher than the bench top

There will always be gaps.
Smaller ones probably cause even more headaches.
Larger ones as least u can have some stick to get things out.
Regardless a lesson to readers.…

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2 years2 yearsJokerJoker posted:
Has anyone rectified slab heave successfully

Giving information to a newspaper will protect you and get a good spread of attention, newspapers love passionate people with juicy stories, this aproach has successfully worked for me…

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3 years3 yearsMichelleMichelle posted:
I work in flooring - do you have a flooring question?

As I thought, yes it's fine to use floating floors over heated slabs.
You just need to know from the manufactures max of heat allowed per product.
This may be found on…

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3 years3 yearsMichelleMichelle posted:
I work in flooring - do you have a flooring question?

Now that's a good question.... I have researched and checked on underlays and vinyl flooring Karndean, but never ask about floating floors. My guess its fine if you leave…

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3 years3 yearsjoannapaulpjoannapaulp posted:
What to do with toilet/shower ceiling

The holes are simple to patch, grab a stick of timber and pit it through the hole, then lay across the hole from one side to another, screwing it in…

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