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1 month1 montharrow224arrow224 posted:
Metricon price holding promise

Yes 8 Homes told us to pay extra money all because land titles were delayed. Not our fault, but that is their price hold matrix.

3 months3 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Fridge cavity - what’s a good amount of space each side?

https://etcpg3uvcgs41q4ci23mfssr-wpengi ... DFF512.pdf
Page 7 states
"Suggest: It is advisable for there to be at least 100mm of space from the back to the wall, at least 300mm…

3 months3 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Fridge cavity - what’s a good amount of space each side?

Some fridges manuals suggest a minimum of 200mm each side and 300mm on top. At least the Hisense one I looked at today said that.

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4 months4 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
In-Ceiling Speakers or B&W Surround Sound?

The idea is that sound should come towards you, from in front and behind. This is why the better brands don't do in ceiling, because then sound would be pointing…

6 months6 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Fencing in Mickleham?

I paid $86 per metre.

6 months6 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Fencing in Mickleham?

Sangha fencing. We had ours done by him. Great work, double sided, so no one gets left with one side flat, other side has the beams/posts/whatever their called.

7 months7 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Not sure on this webzone, suggestions welcome

Kids TV/reading/Library/pinball arcade/art gallery.

8 months8 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Porter Davis penalty fees for H&L package

I had similar extra fees. A total of $5000 for 5 months delay in land titles. Nothing much we could do about it.

8 months8 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Advice needed about back garden!

Have you started yet?

9 months9 monthsarrow224arrow224 posted:
Building a house not on display

Having a house built that doesn't have and has never had a display. Off the plan build. No issues that are out of the normal.

2 years2 yearsarrow224arrow224 posted:
What builders have fixed price site costs?

8Homes also do fixed cost. But I got a house and land, so not sure if that played into it.

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