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2 d2 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Advice on house plans

You mean the entry? Then I would say unfortunately much of your house is pointing in the wrong direction to make benefit of the Northern aspect, although the Northern end…

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21 d21 dgillybeangillybean posted:
Newbie Advice on House size

Yeah go the cheaper one. Things such as which plan better suits your needs are overrated.
Seriously, rather than worrying about whether the house is too small for the land your…

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2 months2 monthspandibabipandibabi posted:
Signed Initial Working Drawings Incorrect

Don't sign anything and get a pls explain

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2 months2 monthsSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Battleaxe Properties

Get a car turntable. Plenty of designs to choose from.

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4 months4 monthsSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Larger plumbing pipes in WA

What you have been told is wrong...but with qualification.
Water has friction loss as it flows along a pipe and the larger the pipe, the less friction loss. In other words,…

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4 months4 monthsdeepugjacobdeepugjacob posted:
PCI checklist

I tried to download 3 times by clicking “Click Here” No downloads happened

Got it Brian . This is so detailed. Thanks a ton mate. You are an absolute genius and…

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7 months7 monthsddarrochddarroch posted:
Options to save on house construction cost

Build smaller. You'll save money, & help save the environment. Nobody needs a 300sqm home.
To save money in the long run (on heating & cooling costs), follow passive solar design…

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11 months11 monthsDoozer1905Doozer1905 posted:
Provisional Allowances

Someone has tickets on themselves

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12 months12 monthsjanbojanbo posted:
Pre-handover Inspection

Could be the best $4 you will ever spend... http://anewhouse.com.au/sample-page/pci-guide/
our build viewtopic.php?t=87100

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1 year1 yearECOECOECOECO posted:
Cost Plus Contracts - I hear bad things?

Cost plus relies entirely on the builders ability and honesty. There is no incentive for him to reduce costs as he never suffers a consequence.
I would go the fixed…

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1 year1 yearalgernonalgernon posted:
Final House Inspection

Shout-out to bashworth on these forums... start on his website . I'd highly recommend his (also the rest of his stuff too, actually, but that's the most immediately…

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1 year1 yearHGMbuildHGMbuild posted:
Solar Power Energy

Thanks Bashworth. Interesting read.
Also that website gave lots of info about panels and types of inverters, I think I'm more prepared information wise, to make a decision.

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1 year1 yearLilianaLiliana posted:
Problems due to metropolitan housing density

This story appeared on the ABC news today. It concerns a house in Adelaide that was built on a split block without much thought given to the placement of the…

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1 year1 yearSaint MikeSaint Mike posted:
Electrical Plan - Thoughts?

We had a few rules - always go double not single; have double pp either end of benches (bathroom/kitchen etc); don't forget landline needs power; outside is important - we…

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1 year1 year1sttimer_stoneridge1sttimer_stoneridge posted:
What do you wish you had done before moving in?

The one thing I have on my list to do before moving in is sealing the garage floor. Ours is just concrete so I don't want to spill or have…

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2 years2 yearscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Pre handover inspection

Hello there, my builder also didn't "encourage" me to bring inspector but we did. It is all within your right to do so! I know because I've talked to HIA…

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2 years2 yearsJustalittlebithippyJustalittlebithippy posted:
NatHers star rating and external walls

Thanks again Bashworth. Your site, advice on this forum, and guides have been helpful beyond compare :)

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2 years2 yearsBuilding4my3totsBuilding4my3tots posted:
Starting to building a new house - Where do I started?

Hi! if you have tapatalk app download that and join H1 via there it's way easier to navigate.
Join a few treads that you like the house and information gained…

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2 years2 yearsinsiderinsider posted:
Falling Standards

I Could not agree more with this article.
What do you think?

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2 years2 yearsLyndhurst106Lyndhurst106 posted:
Electrical standard and upgrades

Thank you Bashworth. I just bought that $4 guide on your site. Fabulous site.

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