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20 d20 dSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Larger plumbing pipes in WA

What you have been told is wrong...but with qualification.
Water has friction loss as it flows along a pipe and the larger the pipe, the less friction loss. In other words,…

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1 month1 monthdeepugjacobdeepugjacob posted:
PCI checklist

I tried to download 3 times by clicking “Click Here” No downloads happened

Got it Brian . This is so detailed. Thanks a ton mate. You are an absolute genius and…

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4 months4 monthsddarrochddarroch posted:
Options to save on house construction cost

Build smaller. You'll save money, & help save the environment. Nobody needs a 300sqm home.
To save money in the long run (on heating & cooling costs), follow passive solar design…

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8 months8 monthsDoozer1905Doozer1905 posted:
Provisional Allowances

Someone has tickets on themselves

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9 months9 monthsjanbojanbo posted:
Pre-handover Inspection

Could be the best $4 you will ever spend... http://anewhouse.com.au/sample-page/pci-guide/
our build viewtopic.php?t=87100

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10 months10 monthsECOECOECOECO posted:
Cost Plus Contracts - I hear bad things?

Cost plus relies entirely on the builders ability and honesty. There is no incentive for him to reduce costs as he never suffers a consequence.
I would go the fixed…

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11 months11 monthsalgernonalgernon posted:
Final House Inspection

Shout-out to bashworth on these forums... start on his website . I'd highly recommend his (also the rest of his stuff too, actually, but that's the most immediately…

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1 year1 yearHGMbuildHGMbuild posted:
Solar Power Energy

Thanks Bashworth. Interesting read.
Also that website gave lots of info about panels and types of inverters, I think I'm more prepared information wise, to make a decision.

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1 year1 yearLilianaLiliana posted:
Problems due to metropolitan housing density

This story appeared on the ABC news today. It concerns a house in Adelaide that was built on a split block without much thought given to the placement of the…

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1 year1 yearSaint MikeSaint Mike posted:
Electrical Plan - Thoughts?

We had a few rules - always go double not single; have double pp either end of benches (bathroom/kitchen etc); don't forget landline needs power; outside is important - we…

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1 year1 year1sttimer_stoneridge1sttimer_stoneridge posted:
What do you wish you had done before moving in?

The one thing I have on my list to do before moving in is sealing the garage floor. Ours is just concrete so I don't want to spill or have…

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1 year1 yearcesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Pre handover inspection

Hello there, my builder also didn't "encourage" me to bring inspector but we did. It is all within your right to do so! I know because I've talked to HIA…

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1 year1 yearJustalittlebithippyJustalittlebithippy posted:
NatHers star rating and external walls

Thanks again Bashworth. Your site, advice on this forum, and guides have been helpful beyond compare :)

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1 year1 yearBuilding4my3totsBuilding4my3tots posted:
Starting to building a new house - Where do I started?

Hi! if you have tapatalk app download that and join H1 via there it's way easier to navigate.
Join a few treads that you like the house and information gained…

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2 years2 yearsinsiderinsider posted:
Falling Standards

I Could not agree more with this article.
What do you think?

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2 years2 yearsLyndhurst106Lyndhurst106 posted:
Electrical standard and upgrades

Thank you Bashworth. I just bought that $4 guide on your site. Fabulous site.

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