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5 d5 dBigteetherBigteether posted:
Property Valuations - Elara Marsden Park, NSW

Thanks, will keep this thread posted.

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16 d16 dBigteetherBigteether posted:
PAYG IT Contractor - Home loan

Thanks Rebecca, early extension of contract is impossible as it is government. I contracted through Randstad with PAYG. Definitely will not fall into self employed. Have been contracting with the…

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2 months2 monthsKameGameKameGame posted:
Question Reg FHOG

Thanks. Had to call in a couple of times to get this fixed. The FHOG was approved but sitting in some ghost account, the lender credited to the construction facility…

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5 months5 monthsle tueurle tueur posted:
Tight lending (Does this sound right)

Cheers, I went to a broker and it came out much better

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6 months6 monthsannie88annie88 posted:
Land loan and construction loan

I initially had pre approval prior to signing the land contract. It was a general one, as when I applied for pre approval I was undecided with either to buy…

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8 months8 monthsSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Very Low Income - Large Deposit - will I get a house loan?

Do your circumstances allow you to move to a cheaper area or even another State? Cheaper doesn't always mean nastier and there are numerous beautiful well serviced areas that you…

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9 months9 monthsST-HardyST-Hardy posted:
Stamp Duty Question

So as it turns out, we are still exempt from stamp duty - woohoo!!

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10 months10 monthsaplacetocallhomeaplacetocallhome posted:
Developer/Builder + Broker Purposely Stalling Finance?

Thanks for the feedback everyone, it does make me feel a lot better about the situation. I don't know why they couldn't just tell me this information at the time…

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1 year1 yearbasicbeansbasicbeans posted:
95% LVR land loan, or alternatives

Excellent, thanks for the information. Very helpful!

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1 year1 yearalissaalissa posted:
Valuation shortfall Construction Loan

You may try to challenge but very unlikely to change. We went to 2 other lenders and they both got much higher valuation. Make sure you submit all docs, variations,…

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2 years2 yearsalissaalissa posted:
Valuation shortfall Construction Loan

Thanks @becjarettdalton i need all this kind of relief at the moment

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2 years2 yearsplcplc posted:
Building a house with a Mortgage

Two options. One as mentioned above, you can take equity out of your existing property as cashout to use as the deposit for the land/build, and then take out the…

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2 years2 yearsyoyohvyoyohv posted:
Slab Progress Payment shortfall?

Hi all, yeah. It was the FHOG.... All sorted. Apparently the builder got all the invoice paid in full... Only the difference between the invoice and FHOG was charged on…

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2 years2 yearsplcplc posted:
Slab Progress Payment shortfall?

Might be the FHOG in that they have withheld it as part of the payment. Not sure how it works with CBA, I know with ANZ they will allow the…

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3 years3 yearsdream2017dream2017 posted:
Is booking a land and on-sale later a good strategy?

Sorry, was out of touch a bit and late in response.
Yeah you are right. It would be a bit of gambling on the return, I agree. Thanks…

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3 years3 yearsplcplc posted:
Construction loan repayments

If you are constructing an owner occupied property and have the fixed price building contract in place, the lender does not take your existing rent into account during the construction…

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3 years3 yearsfullyfully posted:
Land loan

Yes I think I get it. lol.

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3 years3 yearsplcplc posted:
Bank Loan - shortfall

As already mentioned, the bank uses the total building cost (including any external quotes), and then calculates the difference between that cost and the available loan. That difference (shortfall) then…

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3 years3 yearsmsalmankmsalmank posted:
Finance - External Broker vs. In-house Broker?

Thanks for your input! I was thinking the same, that much comfort level with the broker may be more important than anything!!
Thanks! 🙂

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