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11 years11 yearsbigbadkevbigbadkev posted:
Marshall Baker Homes ?

I have heard they are a couple of ex-porter davis sales people that have gone on there own. Nice displays, but given they have only been around for a…

11 years11 yearsbigbadkevbigbadkev posted:
What to include in my new home

Why the gas point to the alfrsco area?
It's only a good idea if you are planning on putting in a fixed BBQ and not a portable one and know exactly…

12 years12 yearsbigbadkevbigbadkev posted:
Any experience with Henley Properties?

And this is why the survey is done.
I've seen boundaries up to a metre out - no kidding. Imagine building your garage on the 'boundary' only to find you've…

12 years12 yearsbigbadkevbigbadkev posted:
Hi from a newbie

Sounds like you're building in Bellbird Park in Berwick - once of our clients is going through a similar thing - originally promised June...
Good luck with PD...

12 years12 yearsbigbadkevbigbadkev posted:
Second house on the same block, what to do?

My experience with local draftsmejn is that they have absolutely no idea of what things actually cost. Consequently we get all sorts of plans coming in via our office.…

12 years12 yearsbigbadkevbigbadkev posted:
Builder's insurance

What sort of insurance - liability? or warranty?
Who is getting the building permit - sounds like the 'builder' may be expecting you to get the permit and thus is quoting…

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