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1 year1 yearBramahBramah posted:
Old Dowell windows plastic snap in beading

Maybe too late for you. I had a similar issue with stegbar windows. They did have the beading available to purchase (looks a lot like yours) and the glass was…

2 years2 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Digital Door Locks

Read the fine print. Very often the exact wording is along the lines of :
" key operated deadbolt "
If you have no key to loose or be stolen and you…

2 years2 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Digital Door Locks

Simply read your insurance policy and it's security requirements. If you think that insurance companies will not use any excuse not to pay out if the claim is big enough…

2 years2 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Digital Door Locks

Such digital locks should only be regarded as a convenience / day lock. They are certainly not secure and certainly do not meet insurance requirements .

2 years2 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Type of strike plate?

Some pictures of the frame with a ruler for scale would help.

2 years2 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Double glazing hardware - advice

As an ex-UK locksmith I've been exposed to double glazed doors and windows for a much longer period than the product has been available here for. As such I have…

3 years3 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Questionable Security of kwikset Smartkey locks

As a locksmith I flatly refuse to touch these locks. IMO they are total junk.

3 years3 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Home safes

Any safe under around 500kg simply must be securely bolted to a fixed surface (usually the floor). I always advise customers to buy the biggest safe they have room for…

3 years3 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Securing keys in short term rental. Key safes?

Just to resurrect this rather old thread, while these keyboxes are very useful - they are an open invitation if obvious to the eye. If at all possible ensure that…

3 years3 yearsBramahBramah posted:
Keys - How Many combinations

As a locksmith I can say that the odds against this happening are generally fairly large, that said it has happened to me around 5 times in a 20 +…

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