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24 d24 dcesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Solar Panel Quotes - Melbourne

Hi all,
I've received a quote yesterday and the following are the 3 quotes details. This is in Melbourne, no shading on premise and double storey dwelling. Posting this just so…

29 d29 dcesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
New Build, Ground Floor Toilet already blocked in 2 months.

Ok guys, two questions.
First, we've recently moved in a newly completed build. Less than 2 months later, ground floor toilet has issues. We don't have kids, so nothing would have…

6 months6 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
watertank near main bedroom

they don't make noise, but the pump does! not only it makes noise, there's a humming vibration which you can hear if it's really quiet. Our's isn't next to the…

6 months6 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Pre handover inspection

Hello there, my builder also didn't "encourage" me to bring inspector but we did. It is all within your right to do so! I know because I've talked to HIA…

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6 months6 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Building Inspector - Ask Anything

Thank you for being here answering questions for everyone. I'm sure everyone really appreciates them, even by just reading.
1. Hello there, my builder rendered my home with the wrong colour.…

6 months6 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Builder using neighbours electricity supply

Builders say things they do not mean all the time. They will say things for their convenience but best to cross check with them if its $50 per week.

6 months6 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Late, Late.

"We'll work on it"
"Don't worry, we will sort it out"
"We've built many homes, I can assure you that's normal"
Sound familiar? Well it's no joking matter with me. In fact I'm…

9 months9 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Our first build

Hi there, I can assure you my experience like most of you have been eventful. However, I'm concerned about the defamation reminder here, how does it work? Lik eI wouldn't…

9 months9 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Our first build

Hello everyone, I like this thread. If only I knew this earlier, my journey will have been a little better guided as I built my first house. I see someone…

9 months9 monthscesarspalacecesarspalace posted:
Has anyone had any dealings with Alpha Building Group?

Tend to agree. communication is good in the beginning, then it fades.
Not as fast as the bigger ones.

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