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2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Any experts here who can identify this wood please?

Looking to identify these floors and would appreciate any help.
-Constructed in about 1937 in Queensland. At that time the floors were designed to be covered up with…

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Bi-fold doors help please!

Do they have to be custom made or is that a standard size? Shortly I will be going through the same process here in Brisbane.

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Replacing PanelLift Colorbond Garage Door

I would be interested in recommendations too for Brisbane area.

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Wardrobes for a Queenslander

What about getting a cabinetmaker to build you some custom-made, using shaker style doors. You could put fancy handles on too. I imagine your other cabinetry is possibly shaker style…

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Brand selection

I chose Caroma toilet, Brodware tap for the vanity (for design more than anything - more than I would otherwise spend), and Methven shower head. Haven't installed the tap yet…

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
walk in shower vs shower bath option for smaller bathroom

I went through this same conundrum and ended up not putting a bath in at all, but I will be putting a bath downstairs so there will at least be…

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:

I spent a lot of time stressing and researching this issue and didn't want to got the cheap option and have a toilet that didnt flush well! I got a…

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
where to buy items for bathroom?

I got a few things from Tradelink - from memory they price match. They have a good range of mid-end stuff.
Bunnings has some decent things (eg we got our Methven…

2 years2 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Frameless shower glass panel - does quality vary? Bris recs?

Hi everyone, I'm wondering whether a glass screen (fixed, frameless, 2000mmx750mm) for the shower will differ in quality between say Euroglass and one I buy at Bunnings or similar. I…

3 years3 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
What do you think of this all-white colour selection?

Hi! Here's a possible colour combination I am considering for our kitchen.
Floors are pine. Cabinets will be shaker style. Renovated Qlder. VJ walls. Appliances probably stainless steel.
Walls - Antique White…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Wall hung toilet

Sorry to bump up an old thread.
I'm hoping some of you can recommend me a wall hung toilet.
We were all set on Caroma Stirling (wall facing) until we came across…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Feature window for Queenslander

Hi again!
As many of you know I'm renovating an old queenslander, including raising and building underneath.
The house currently has these charming casement windows like these (not my pic):
We have the…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:

There's new whites?? Do tell!

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
My Queenslander...renovations and decoration progress!

What an amazing renovation you're doing! I have a very similar house in Brisbane. The same yellow kitchen! We are putting in a modern kitchen, but I was amazed how…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Growing blueberries in containers

This is a good thread. I am going to buy some low-chill blueberries to grow in pots here in Brisbane. I will use pots so I can easier manage the…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Trying to level the back yard

I've heard that after turf is laid and established, sand is used on top to even it out. Maybe fill in any holes with dirt, lay turf in those parts…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Noise solution for leadlight casement windows

Late reply from me Robbie55 but thank you! I had no idea that was done. I have looked up Magnetite and they have leadlight windows in their gallery. We shall…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Mixing blinds and curtains

Thanks HomeAngels. I had a look and yours look great. Appreciate your thoughts.

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Comment on these bathroom designs

Thanks splashers... like this?

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Comment on these bathroom designs

Hi guys, me again, thanks for all your suggestions.
We have been rethinking and might remove the window... and go with a design like this:

Window will be gone.

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
fruit trees for the garden

Wow LeanneR, that is gorgeous - your grass and soil look so luscious and the edging looks great.

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Dividing one veg garden for crop rotation

Hi garden experts, I have one long raised garden bed... I have just learned about the wonders of crop rotation. I do really want to grow a mixture of families.…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
My new veggie patch

How exciting. I'm about to do the same. What will you plant?

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Mixing blinds and curtains

Hi, wondering whether you think it's best to have the same window furnishings house-wide or if mixing it up is acceptable?
I feel it's acceptable to mix them so long as…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Help with Qlder Raise in Brisbane - Newbie

Not sure about all the figures, but we are doing ours in stages.
Had the plans done and certified for the raise and build underneath right at the outset.
Raise &…

4 years4 yearsCH2012CH2012 posted:
Recommendation for interior designer for period home renovat

We considered an interior designer too for our interwar home, but didn't get one. I've browsed the library, blogs, asked Qs on forums, etc instead.

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