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5 d5 dchenlocuschenlocus posted:
have you ever heard 'timber truss solution' in Melbourne

Regarding pre-fab wall frames, I have a concern, if it totally depends on the engineering plan, not on the site measurement, I will fall into trouble that the pieces…

8 d8 dchenlocuschenlocus posted:
have you ever heard 'timber truss solution' in Melbourne

have you ever deal with this company who pre-fabricates wall frame, roof trusses for builders?
I cannot find any reviews for this company.

15 d15 dchenlocuschenlocus posted:
solar hot water system or rainwater tank?

I am going to do home extension, adding a first floor. In victoria, it is required to meet with 6 stars energy rate.
It looks I need…

1 month1 monthchenlocuschenlocus posted:
should I apply for building permit with a private building s

People said local council is more responsible than private building surveyor, and more cost reduction, is that true?
I am concerned that there are several points which need building surveyor to…

1 month1 monthchenlocuschenlocus posted:
signage outside fence for OB in Victoria

I am going to do a home extension as an OB, to add a floor, I even plan to live in the property while the construction is ongoing. I…

1 month1 monthchenlocuschenlocus posted:
do I need any permission to remove my roof and some walls?

I am going to apply for a building permit for home extension, there are something to remove, e.g. my current roof, some walls inside, I plan to do the removal…

6 months6 monthschenlocuschenlocus posted:
OB initial stages

I want to build a secondary storey over my home. I just passed the VBA certificate e-learning assessment. The next steps I would look for a draftman, a builder survey.…

2 years2 yearschenlocuschenlocus posted:
will it be good to do a double storey extension?

I have been dilemma with this idea for a long time.
This is a building rush time in Victoria, you can see constructions all around, I can hear new buildings with…

2 years2 yearschenlocuschenlocus posted:
The extension is looking good now

How is going after you lived in?
I am also wondering if I should extend a secondary storey. But two things stop me: the high cost and afraid of leakage.

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