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6 months6 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Home Courtyard Garden design

Hi Alisa! I like this garden style. Personally, I'm more into green plants and colorful flowers. :) I want to have a vast landscape with these…

7 months7 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Facade makeover ideas/advice. Photo included

Colors always make huge difference. Any shade of gray looks good with bright colors. And yes, I agree with the change of render color and external tiling.

7 months7 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Kitchen and cooking needs

Good spot! Love the contrast of colors and everything in the photo. I do have my favorite spot too but haven't taken a photo of it. :D  ⋅  1

7 months7 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
HEBEL help??? Pros and Cons, need to make a decision!!!

Heard so many good feedback about Hebel. It's great that you've finally decided to go with it, Novaqu! Good luck!

  ⋅  1
7 months7 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Large formal lounge

Hi, ohgosh! If you are very specific with the floor plan, you can have it customized. You can create your own floor plan based on how you envision your home…

  ⋅  1
8 months8 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
wooden subfloor water damage

It's best to have it checked first. I agree with Lochie that insurance companies are sometimes difficult with this kind of damages (plus it also takes time). But make sure…

8 months8 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Patio Floor???

Personally, I'd choose pavers flooring for the patio as I simply love the look of it. :) But it all goes down to what you really…

8 months8 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Front Door Colours

What shade of grey? But these door colors would work on any grey shade - white, brown, dark wood, teal, maroon, dark red, dark blue. It all goes down to…

8 months8 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
What colour furniture for a dark room?

This might be late but I'd recommend lighter colours - for the wall and furniture to make the room brighter.

8 months8 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Evil looking shrub

It looks like a medicinal plant. :) Definitely, it has a purpose why it grows in your garden but feel free to let us know what…

8 months8 monthscheryl_0316cheryl_0316 posted:
Excited New Member Here

I am thrilled that I am finally a member of this site and look forward to being an active one. I love home decorations, landscape and garden design and can't…

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