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7 years7 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Biff's Reno - Updated Pics

Aww Biff, look at those eyes! What a little cutie. ::

7 years7 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Em & Mike's Vic Cottage Reno - Town Planning Submitted

smemily, I love it!
I would also think that you'd benefit from more outdoors space, however, if you're thinking of it as a "forever house" then I don't see why you…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Dog proofing my yard

This will sound really disgusting and will no doubt take a long time, but when our dog was a pup (feels like forever ago!) we stopped him digging by burying…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Please help us find....

We're in desperate search of a queen size, white leather bed with storage. There's heaps of white leather beds around but the husband insists that it have some form of…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Dual Roller Blinds

We have these in our house Turri, but unfortunately we're in WA. We used a very small local company to do ours and they were brilliant. For 7 very big…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Miss Vintages Bathroom Renovation- THE PICS ARE IN!

Goodness gracious! What a STUNNING bathroom. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical on the colours when I saw them on the colour swatches but they actually look…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
What do you have as a table centrepiece?

Hubby would probably let me buy fresh flowers all of the time if we had a vase like that!
Then again, he'd probably want…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
What do you have as a table centrepiece?

I don't have a picture of it on our table but we have this fruit bowl:
I LOVE it!

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Help with Taubman whites please

Hi Karry
I absolutely swear by Gazebo white. Looking at your tiles/carpet, it would be perfect. It has almost a grey tinge to it. I'm not so sure about it with…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Combining a bathroom and laundry

Hubby and I are starting to plan an extension to our house. Whilst it's a bit hard to describe, we basically want to extend a living area next to our…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
anyone bought anything thru adrians.com.au?homewares website

sorry haven't used them before, but can I just say that that is the cutest comforter set ever!

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Anyone with a black and white kitchen?

JJ, I'll take some pictures of ours when I get home tonight, it doesn't look tooooooo bad from far away but up close it's terrible! The previous owners were definitely…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Smeg / Omega Appliances

ok. So the smeg appliances are proving to be quite a pain in wa. Anyone have any comments on electrolux appliances-coffee machine, oven, stovetop and microwave.

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Where have all the indoor plants gone?

I'm dying to get myself an indoor plant but I can't decide where to put one or which one to get. At the moment I'm thinking either a nice white…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Elica Rangehoods

Sorry to nag you all with my influx of questions, I'm just starting to get really excited about our upcoming reno's.
I've done a search on the forum but it's only…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Smeg / Omega Appliances

Really? I saw your pictures in the kitchen thread and just assumed it was all the same brand as the finish is exactly the same. Good job!
P.S I think I…

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Smeg / Omega Appliances

that's a great website hellokitty! thanks so much. I'm sure I'll be using that heaps in the near future.

8 years8 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Smeg / Omega Appliances

We're starting to price up the appliances for when we renovate our kitchen and I really really like the look of the Omega and Smeg in wall oven, microwave and…

9 years9 yearsCJVCJV posted:
Some more West Aussies...

Hi everyone.
We're a couple from Perth. We bought our house in Hamersley last year. In February we're taking the plunge and getting married, and then straight after that, let the…

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