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5 d5 dcolin1colin1 posted:
Buying Electrical Appliances for New House

We are currently building and had started to look at the New Electrical appliances we want. We are looking at the following;
Fridge (520L)
2 x Smart 4k TV (55cm & 65cm)

3 months3 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
B&D Panelift - Upgrade to Timber Coat

We currenting have a double garage with B&D Colorbond Panelift Doors in our tender . We are thinking about upgrading to the Timber Coat Merbau to match…

3 months3 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Independent Building Inspection Costs

We are about to start a KDR and was looking at using an Independent Building Inspector to check work as I no nothing about building a house. Was hoping someone…

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Building Inspector - Help

We are going towards a KDR and we think it would be advantageous to get an building inspection company to
check that everything is done as per plans and to the…

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Help Please - Contract - What to Look Out For

Thanks for the reply. I am in NSW (Sydney West)

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Help Please - Contract - What to Look Out For

I have just received our finalised tender which we are about to accept.
Before we move on to the building contract I was hoping people could let me know the following…

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Security System - Bosch 844

I am going throught a new home tender and the builder has put a Bosch 844 Security System in it (we asked for a security system)
After a bit of investigation…

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Driveway Cost

I really don't have the full structural details for the driveway. This quote is from the builder as an additional cost of the house construction. Might get a few…

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Driveway Cost

Have been quoted $7910 for my driveway. Size on quote says up to 50m2 coloured concrete (13.5 grade). Does this seem like a fair quote ?

I thought it sounded high.…

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Whirlybird Question

We are planning a KDR. We have 2 whirlybird (fairly new) on the current house and was wondering if would be of any advantage to keep them and get the…

4 months4 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Demolition Recommendations - Sydney

About to commence our KDR and builder has recommended a demolition Company. Would like to get a few quotes to compare.
Location : Bossley Park NSW
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

6 months6 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Construction Insurance

I have had a architect draw up plans for a new house. He is currently getting quotes from builders. Once we select a builder can I get insurance against the…

10 months10 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Where to Find A Builder from Our Plans

We have has plans done for a new house (knockdown rebuild) because none of the project homes would suit our block. The architect who has done our plans also has…

12 months12 monthscolin1colin1 posted:
Builder Recommendation - Knockdown Sydney West

We re currently having the plans drawn up for a new home after a knockdown of the old house. The architect/designer has the resources to organise the full build but…

1 year1 yearcolin1colin1 posted:
Cost of Documentation - Advice Please

Hi All,
I have just joined the forum and this is my first post so please be gentle.
We plan to do a knockdown rebuild of our current house. As the block…

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