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62 Posts
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2 d2 dJake_Jake_ posted:
Paying for neighbours gate?

Hello, long time larker of these forums.
I am building in Illawarra, NSW area. Our land registered in December and our neighbours house shot up super quick, they are basically done…

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23 d23 dNatalieanneNatalieanne posted:
Slab Heave/Building Insurance

Our builder has been deregistered and we have begun the process of having our homes slab heaveal and damages repaired through the building insurer. However the process is very confusing…

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23 d23 dBuilding2021Building2021 posted:
Fixing defective building work

What happens when builder attempts to fix defects during warranty period but makes matters worse or rectification is still to a poor quality of workmanship? What can I do if…

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25 d25 dDanygDanyg posted:
HIA Contract COVID Clause

Hi there,
Has anyone else experienced a COVID Clause in their HIA contracts e.g; if the builder can't get materials in, then this can be a cost increase to me…

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3 months3 monthsBeetroot_JuiceBeetroot_Juice posted:
Framing inspection

When should the framing inspectoin happen?
The builder has invoice me and my undrestanding that the framing is a critical stage ( hold point) and has to be inspected before the…

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3 months3 monthsSusieGSusieG posted:
Clarendon homes price lock in

Hi there,
We are looking at building the grande 57 with clarendon and have been advised that there will be a 10% price increase on Feb 21 so to secure…

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3 months3 monthsMarkoovMarkoov posted:
AC indoor unit connection with Stormwater system

Hi all,
I need your help and advice, please.
After moving my newly constructed house in NSW, I found that there is water running out of the stormwater outlet under the nature…

AC indoor unit connection with Stormwater system
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3 months3 monthsNatural StoneNatural Stone posted:
Wrong Site Survey

I've been through the journey of planning for building a new home and was silently reading through the information, it helped so far - thank you.
I started this project…

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3 months3 monthsLARRY_ZLARRY_Z posted:
extension of a semi house in Sydney eastern suburb

We live in a semi house in Sydney eastern suburb and need more living space as the family grows. I am just curious to know where do people find their…

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3 months3 monthssophielockwoodsophielockwood posted:
Builder’s extra charges on fixed-price contract

First timers here with a large demolition, alterations and additions project.
We signed our building contract early 2021 (February/March). The contact is a standard NSW HIA template and as far…

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3 months3 monthsMohhMohh posted:
Bathroom floor much higher than main floor

Please help!
Building a new home in NSW.
Bathroom to be tiled and main floor laminated timber.
Once Tile is completed it will be 50mm higher than the slab due…

Bathroom floor much higher than main floor
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3 months3 monthsBailey86Bailey86 posted:
How to get concreter to remove their concrete left behind

My concreter completed my driveway and a small slab for a garden shed back in June. Overall fairly happy with it all and the bill has been paid in full.

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6 months6 monthsMissChilliMissChilli posted:
Building price increases

Hi, new here and considering a knock down rebuild in NSW. I keep reading about delays and increases in build prices due to Covid and supply chain issues. Anyone know…

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6 months6 monthsRavenXRavenX posted:
Solar Panel and structural warranty,

Hi all, after some advice, we have had some issues with doors and windows at front of house bowing out and not sealing, we are currently in dispute resolution and…

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6 months6 monthsAshington HomesAshington Homes posted:
Asbestos found in ground during demolition

Hi @Venn Diagram
It is hard to tell offhand whether the builder is charging a reasonable price, or if they are charging an overpriced amount to remove the contaminated soil.…

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6 months6 monthskikiKkikiK posted:
Squeaking floor

recently got new house handover, and there is bad noise from squeaking second floor.
Carpenters coming over twice, not fixed the problem but damaged the electrical cable for downstairs...builder kept saying…

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6 months6 monthsdiepiggydiepiggy posted:
Building with Wisdom Homes

Hey guys, Wisdom did acknowlege that there may be a delay due to frame delays, however they still gave me a 40 week build time. I have this in an…

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7 months7 monthsVenn DiagramVenn Diagram posted:
Asbestos found in ground during demolition

Hi, my wife and myself are doing a knock down rebuild for our property that we purchased 1 year ago. During the process they team found out large amount of…

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7 months7 monthsAsh19Ash19 posted:
Terminate Build Contract

Thanks John and others for the response.
I have told the builder I can't afford the increase and if he can't honor the contract we will have to cancel it. He…

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7 months7 monthsAnnHAnnH posted:
Variations - by builder

Hi, in Queensland and almost completed house build. Variation bill from builder stating the contract covers 44sqm driveway but our driveway is 75sqm so we are to pay the difference.…

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