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3 months3 monthsStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:
New NCC Development Of Performance Solutions and Evaluations

If your build is non compliant with relevant Codes then alternate solutions are acceptable under certain circumstances
Process Guidelines Here
1.Prepare a performance based design brief
2.Carry out analysis, Modelling or Testing

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3 months3 monthsdonedone posted:
Found out raised bathroom at completion stage.

Anywhere else, this would be misleading advertising. The display should be what they are selling. They should have to put red stickers throughout display homes to show what is not…

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3 months3 monthsStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:
Cost plus contract exclusions

Hey Jgoat Welcome to
Cost+ contracts are fine providing
1. You have access to sufficient funds
2.Obligations are clearly defined and managed
3.Drawings,Documentation etc are thoroughly…

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8 months8 monthsalexp79alexp79 posted:
3m ceilings volume builder Sydney

those are not really transoms per se, more like two windows

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9 months9 monthsalexp79alexp79 posted:
3m ceilings volume builder Sydney

Windows sitting at 2400 still look decent enough with 3 m ceilings.
This extra 300 cm doesn't really matter much for the looks (even worse, as transoms are ugly!) and practicality…

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10 months10 monthsRd9995Rd9995 posted:
Window double glazing retrofit

We got it done by thermawood in Sydney. They were good. Sound has decreased significantly. Very expensive of course but they did a good job rebalancing the windows also.

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1 year1 yearBhaumikBhaumik posted:
Missing brickwork over sliding door

I have got 2.4m high sliding door for 2.7m high ceiling. At first, a builder installed 2.1m one and I noticed the error at the framing stage and asked them…

2 years2 yearsJB1JB1 posted:
Window pricing

A 2400 wide panel requires a crane, and that can add $1000 - $2000 (assuming 2100+ height). Plus the glass will be thicker, which may require the frame to be…

Window pricing
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2 years2 yearsStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:
Door Issue

Try as I may I don't see $1900
So if I do the quick approx. math (although it may be tool late now..
At best Original doors are worth $300 (Hardware,Fitting,Painting,…

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2 years2 yearsjustme15justme15 posted:
Energy Report re: Glazing section

Thanks heaps EcoEco and Alex.
Hopefully I can come and check out your goods ECOECO. But it all depends on whether I can build :)

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2 years2 yearsAitchAitch posted:
Dowell Thermaline - any good?

Hi Thurlo86,
Moved in 4 weeks ago, windows are not too bad, an obvious upgrade from single glazed, its difficult to say too much not being in for the too long…

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2 years2 yearslukeb0030lukeb0030 posted:
Screen and secure older timber awning style windows

Hi - we have recently moved into an older house, and i'm hoping to improve the timber awning windows (we have a lot of them). Does anyone have a suggestion…

2 years2 yearsbenjaminliubenjaminliu posted:
Window Closures

Thank you - this is very helpful.

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2 years2 yearsMDCman1975MDCman1975 posted:
What's wrong with my windows...?????

Ok thanks. I definitely don’t have any of those installed! Any idea where I can get them?
Sometimes the builder will remove these if the sash is binding, which is usually…

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2 years2 yearsmadj-mmadj-m posted:
Building with Metricon

Hi All
We are doing a KDR in melbournes inner north and we have just finished our appointments and have selected the Aluminum 300 series double glazed windows/sliding doors through out…

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2 years2 yearsWisdomHomesWisdomHomes posted:
Wisdom Homes Admin Issues

Hi cgoldring,
Sorry to hear of your experience to date. I have asked our Customer Service Manager to contact you directly to discuss with you in more detail and to…

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2 years2 yearsbuilding-expertbuilding-expert posted:
Saving home buyer from a Lemon

Recently I have been asked for a pre purchase inspection, on a referral from a solicitor, for one of his clients. The client had found the house he wanted and…

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3 years3 yearsarcadeltarcadelt posted:
Aluminium spacer in double glazed windows

Not correct. The spacer is thermally broken by the glass.

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3 years3 yearsScotland the braveScotland the brave posted:
Electric cable standard - 2.5 mm2 twin & earth cable enough?

Roger that is there any other way?

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