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2 years2 yearsRocchetRocchet posted:
Building with Wisdom Homes

I do love seeing progress!
We are officially at lock up! Cornices are on, skirting has been delivered, doors have been delivered and some have been installed. The stairs are in…

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3 years3 yearsssvdarassvdara posted:
H2 Slab comments on workmanship???

Slab pour happened today and want to know opinion from experienced people on this site on what they think...
Thanks in advance
Slab H2
Waffle pod
Site class P
20 MPa concrete
85 mm thick…

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5 years5 yearselaraedenbraeelaraedenbrae posted:
Stockland Elara at Marsden Park

Hey Guys, was hoping someone could share an example of their landscape plan? As we chose to do ours ourself instead of through the builder

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5 years5 yearscarmaniacarmania posted:
Concrete Swimming Pool - Owner Builder in South Australia

Yes, The Swimming pool was only 1meter from the house foundation and I had to ensure that the house foundation had piering (2 lots of 2 meters wide by 1…

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5 years5 yearsaaron2008aaron2008 posted:
Signing contract for vacant land prior solicitor review

This could be because Land is selling like hot cakes in Sydney. I would consult my builder so I know the house I want will fit in that lot. Land…

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5 years5 yearsaaron2008aaron2008 posted:
Building with Wisdom Homes

Just wondering what kind of discount you all got during tender acceptance. I am not happy with the discount and considering strongly on clarendon now.
Also don't like sales person (more…

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5 years5 yearsPortofino38Portofino38 posted:
Building with fowler homes

Hi All!
We have finally settled our land and now comes the long wait for DA approval before we can get our slab down!
Does anyone have any new pictures or updates…

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5 years5 yearsGLOGLO posted:
What did you do yourself after handover to save money?

Very good point!
Might best to review this and re phrase the question:
What are the 'MUST LEAVE FOR THE BUILDER TO DO ' things to be covered by the …

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5 years5 yearsmeasuremeasure posted:
Boutique Homes - St Tropez 31 - 8 Month Update!

So I finally completed a projected I wanted to do for a long time. Building my own deck.
Ever since we decided on a floor plan for our house and saw…

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5 years5 yearsmmapurazimmapurazi posted:
Why large vacant blocks remain not sold for months in North

I think the biggest deterrence is the price. In the areas you listed the price of a >400sqm block is upwards of $500k. That being said most people buying the…

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5 years5 yearsalisonandrewalisonandrew posted:
Building a Huntley 30 with Rawson @Colebee (Stone Cutters)

Hi Faykis
Slight incline i believe the cut out was around half a meter and land is around 1 meter above street level.
We did need some drop edge beams across front…

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5 years5 yearsssivaram02ssivaram02 posted:
Stockland Elara at Marsden Park

I went to elara last week. I was told that last relase was in March & there was no release in April. There will be release in May but only…

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5 years5 yearsgerry-pgerry-p posted:
Sydney Science Park

Hi All,
Does anyone know much about this one: ? Supposed to be a massive development near the new airport site.
Looks kind of interesting, but I'm not sure what to…

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5 years5 yearsjpmontoyajpmontoya posted:

fair comparison of all builders before selecting them, there's so much confusion with inclusions and what not. There should be a standard way to compare each of the builders so…

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5 years5 yearsFHBSydneyFHBSydney posted:
Stockland Elara at Marsden Park

Guys, does anyone know when's the next land release at Elara, Marsden Park.
When and what number was the last land release? Appreciate if anyone could let me know.

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5 years5 yearsjasonwgjasonwg posted:
Landscaping Costs

Just an update if anyone is interested..I got about a dozen quotes for the landscaping from various companies some small, some larger. I could NOT believe the fluctuation in pricing…

Landscaping Costs
5 years5 yearsbashworthbashworth posted:
Building driveway over sewer manhole

You need to contact Sydney water to check what they would charge to adjust the manhole level to the driveway level.
Once that's done there shouldn't be any extra cost.

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5 years5 yearsStewie DStewie D posted:
Encase sewer pre KDR and fencing near manhole

To concrete encase a sewer costs about $1100 per lineal metre. A rip off I know and you can't do it yourself - you have to use a water board…

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