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1 year1 yearStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:
Dedicated forum spot for FOUNDATIONS - call for support!

There should be an overall topic for Engineering with Sub Topics
for Geotech, Footings, Brickwork, Timber,Concrete, Fire (BAL), Energy, BIM, etc...
General items…

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1 year1 yearEngineerEngineer posted:
Dedicated forum spot for FOUNDATIONS - call for support!

I would like to understand if the forum supports a dedicated area to discuss foundations. I spent yesterday at a
Having good information about slabs and foundations would save a…

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1 year1 yearEngineerEngineer posted:
H Slab - Screw Piles

Sort off stumbled across this forum so will attempt to assist.
The depth of pile should be according to AS2870 table 2.5. This table relates suction change (Hs) with climatic zone.…

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1 year1 yearTim65Tim65 posted:
Another defective house story

I have had major concerns regarding the standing water and its been a constant battle with them ,I had meetings with senior construction manager and he had no idea of…

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2 years2 yearsinsiderinsider posted:
M-class Slab on P class soil

Did they do Lab testing on soil samples or just plucked that figure out of thin air?Not all KDR have to be class "P" sites

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2 years2 yearskirashogunkirashogun posted:
M-class Slab on P class soil

Is visual tactile identification combined with local knowledge how they do soil test these days? No drilling required?
Nobody is asking for a precise number but a range of 20-40 is…

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2 years2 yearsinsiderinsider posted:
M-class Slab on P class soil

The report says that the site is a class"P" but because the fill is controlled your design engineer can use a "M" type slab with some modifications.
The fill has been…

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2 years2 yearsinsiderinsider posted:
Slab Heave Cause?

FirstHome builder25 I hope this helps you.

This is just my opinion from the limited info you have posted and photos you have provided with my knowledge of your estate…

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2 years2 yearsSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Slab heave is alive and well, watch out.

How do you know that the work was even done by a licensed plumber who was qualified to do the work in the class performed?

2 years2 yearsStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:
Slab down inspection defect

More info required, where are you building, soil conditions?
Check the engineering drawings, Quite often builders will use other edge waterproofing methods
The engineer…

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2 years2 yearsDoulton777Doulton777 posted:
Building with Metricon

We had P1. Just means your slab is going to cost a bit more. The normal one is a think H. It’s a bit hard to tell the cost. As…

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