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Melbourne VIC
Joined 9 December 2003
2 months2 monthsVariegatedVariegated posted:
Take Two

Hello, I'm Variegated, and I'm building for the second time, and this is my second attempt at documenting the building process on Home One, so - Take Two.


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2 months2 months
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2 months2 months
2 months2 monthsAgent_009Agent_009 posted:
Swim Spa 2017

Hey everyone
Swim Spas have been around for a while now but I'm struggling to find any information on them in any forums.
Has anyone bought a swim spa or used one…

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2 months2 monthstinkstertinkster posted:
Building again, Ben Trager homes WA

Hey, while it seems like just yesterday it was around six years ago we built our second house and homeone was so helpful during that time. Now, thanks to growing…

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2 months2 monthsaloenyxaloenyx posted:
Which colour do you prefer for aluminium windows

White. White white, not cream, not off white. WHITE. ;D
Or black. Neither will go out of style. Remember when dark green and dark red were popular? Eww..

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3 months3 monthsgalleriamadgalleriamad posted:
Finally we begin ....GJ Gardner Galleria

Today we got a slab .... my house looks tiny !!!

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3 months3 monthsRyan2007Ryan2007 posted:
House update

Some pictures of our house!

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3 months3 monthsLoveyourworkLoveyourwork posted:
Cant believe Im here!

Good morning, new kid on the block here!
We met with a mortgage broker this week and were very excited to discover we can afford to knock down and rebuild our…

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3 months3 monthssparrowsnestsparrowsnest posted:
Our First Dream Home

I have been following this forum for ever and I am so excited to start my own thread. It’s probably a bit early. Our land has settled and we’ve had…

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3 months3 monthsjonesyGTjonesyGT posted:
Who is building with Beechwood

Our block is getting piered today.
Went past early this morning & my son saw "Digger Doug".

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3 months3 monthsgeorge27george27 posted:
Things you forget - summary page 32

Some real golden ideas in this thread!

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3 months3 monthsBrentandAllisonBrentandAllison posted:
Things you forget - summary page 32

Our land will settle soon, so we are going through some plans and designs. We have decided on the "Twin Waters 330" with a few little changes.
Here is one…

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3 months3 monthsPVBuildPVBuild posted:
independent home inspector

Private inspector and don't pay final amount until defects are rectified.
It's a bit of a pity to only do it now, I wonder what some of the structural stuff that…

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3 months3 monthsWaldorf_Grange_BuildWaldorf_Grange_Build posted:
independent home inspector

We are using an independent inspector for every stage of the build. They have picked up lots of errors. Well worth the investment. If you are based in Victoria we…

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4 months4 monthsRawson GroupRawson Group posted:
Rawson Homes - General Thread

Hi Tak
Hope you're well!
Could you please confirm if the site will be cleaned once it's near to handover- sides, front and back?

Hi Andy,
Very well, thanks for asking!
Yes, the site should…

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