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11 months11 monthsJoynzJoynz posted:
Replacing Weep Holes with Brick Vents

No, you can't replace weep holes with vents. They are for different purposes.
Weep holes have flashing that ensures that condensation on the inside of the bricks drains…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Builders bills

What state are you in?
You need to speak to the office of fair trading or similar ( consumer.vic.gov.au if you are in Victoria.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
How to change our brick arches to something more beautiful

I suggest checking with Council first to see what the restrictions might be with regard to the carport placement and building on top of it.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Help. Want to put a wood board on a bed.

At my Bunnings first two cuts are free, then about a dollar each. Very reasonable!
It used to be free, but they recently changed this because of people asking them…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Help. Want to put a wood board on a bed.

You will be able to get something from Bunnings. Perhaps use two pieces of mdf or plywood cut to size so each piece is half the width of the…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Short term rental

I suggest considering getting someone to manage it for you - I pay Ray White 5.5% to manage my investment property. Takes the stress out of it and mostly…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Depreciation Schedule

My accountant does this.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Cracked cement layer under brick paving

This is just the result of movement, not tree damage.
It will not affect the slab as the slab is separate and will have been constructed differently. Paths/patio much…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Tiling over Timber Floorboards - Screed vs Sheet Underlay

How are you sure there will be no more movement?
If your house is on stumps, the floor slope in the kitchen may indicate that your stumps need replacing.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Hallway width

Also, if you can, go for doors that are at least 870mm wide, much easier for access.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:

You could also dig in straw to provide structure.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
New Lemon Tree

Also, lemons get galls on new growth.
Keep an eye out. You should chop them off before the wasps inside emerge and reinfect the tree. So, in…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Hallway width

My hallway, in a ranch style house, is 900mm and it feels quite narrow for two people passing each other, especially when one is a bulky male. I would…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Enclosing a double carport

Something built as a carport is unlikely to have the type of slab required for a habitable room. Bringing that up to scratch will cost.
Also, can you…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Setback dispensations- can neighbour object + delay process?

Actually, the views of both neighbours are taken into consideration.
If you are in Victoria then the average distance between the neighbours will be fine. You shouldn't need…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Exposed aggregate residue on render clean off advice.

The diluted hydrochloric acid method is for mortar removal. Don't expect it will work on concrete. if you decide to use it anyway, be very careful and use…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Do water pipes in walls need silicone added to holes studs?

Silicone or gap filler?

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Build and Rent... verse Moving in?

Hi Gummz
You could also rent it and live in it later for the PoPR requirements.
You definitely need to get some advice from an accountant too.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Island Bench with Angled Top

If it becomes rectangular, will it be 900mm wide?

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Is it normal for the brickwork?

That brickwork is terrible.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Personal Protective Equipment questionnaire

What is the research project for? Who is it auspiced by?

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Paving against Greenboard house cladding

Do you need to maintain visual accss for termite checking?

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Cost of house design as advertised vs final price?

Fair enough. I agree, cost depends on location.
I passed on the advice re. indicative cost that I was recently given by a number of volume builders in…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Cost of house design as advertised vs final price?

You need to allow for site costs - e.g. slab At least 25,000 - maybe more depending on site.

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Broken plaster wall

Just accept the repair if the cornice or square setting is already done - as removing a sheet wil likely mean removing the cornice which is a bit destructive and…

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1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Colorbond roof

That is a beautiful looking roof!

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Front Wall Plans

Just checking - are you extending your house and need plans. Or just adding an extra wall in front of the existing? Or is it a brick fence?

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
First home build and need advise on inclusions..

Doesn't matter if the build warranty isn't mentioned, it applies by law anyway.
I prefer it when a builder doesn't try to make out it is something special they are providing!

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
Regretted with front double doors...how?

If already installed, just leave it. You might find that you grow to like it. The paint colour will make a difference to how it looks. It's…

1 year1 yearJoynzJoynz posted:
First home build and need advise on inclusions..

There are different types of termite treatment - what type is the quote for?
Some builders do three coat paint as standard, some do two.
Quite often builder s quote the items…

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