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13 h13 hstellabellastellabella posted:
Stellabella's second build -builder liquidated, through QBCC

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! Been a crazy week or so here.
I've sent an email to the builder/consulting company/QBCC regarding our concerns and those of the certifier,…

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2 d2 dKvav27Kvav27 posted:
Building with Wisdom Homes

Hi All, We finally got handover on 13th March 2019.Thanks to all of you for every help.
Here I share some pics

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3 d3 djqcc0jqcc0 posted:
Building with Wisdom Homes

If you have powerpoints on the other side of the wall from where you want them then easy to do afterwards.

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6 d6 ddarb74darb74 posted:
Bryan & Petersen Build in Regional Victoria

We've had all our external and internal walls insulation now installed, with the Knauf Earthwool R2.5 'Sound Shield'. The highest they go with this type of stuff is…

7 d7 dDrew01Drew01 posted:
Building a Metricon Glendale 42 Limited Edition in Melbourne

I went in with a nail gun on the weekend and put heaps in

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7 d7 dDrew01Drew01 posted:
Building a Metricon Glendale 42 Limited Edition in Melbourne

The beer economy works incredibly well...
Make sure you take photos of where you're noggins are with a measure next to them... Our towel rail noggins aren't where we measured them…

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7 d7 ddarb74darb74 posted:
Insulation is it worth upgrading???

I’ve done a tonne of research on this, and for starters once you get to say R4.0 on the ceiling it’s becomes a case of diminishing returns, so going to…

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13 d13 dMyFirstMyFirst posted:
Upgrade cost Off-White mortar

Just for record. Try to choose natural mortar.
Off white don't turn up too well usually.
It dries very hard hence it crack etc etc.
Just my opinion.

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17 d17 dbankbank posted:
JG King modified Heywood - Landscaping

::surprise:: Oh no! I'm so sorry. That's a shock, she wasn't very old was she?
Mali is wonderful and couldn't be more loved! Amity particularly is ridiculously…

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30 d30 dalexp79alexp79 posted:
My builder is forcing to book HIA Session

Reality is that in 2021 you might end up with much sweeter deal or your builder can go out of business by then. Do not lock yourself in.

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1 month1 monthiTooliTool posted:
What is Rigid Slab Freeboard?

Freeboard is a hydrological concept, not a product. The 310mm freeboard is the height difference between the rebate and the slab FSL. This is annotated on the drawings.
The drawings show…

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1 month1 monthHillsbuildsHillsbuilds posted:
Help with north facing block

We have two central courtyards connected by a glass corridor. It definitely ups the cost. If you imagine a basic house shape of a rectangle, that would be the…

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2 months2 monthschippychippy posted:
Which one to choose? DEWALT or Makita Impact Driver

Not the first time I've been called that.

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2 months2 monthsgablesrocksgablesrocks posted:
Owner/ Builder -Architect Build PM'd by Rehaan Builders

Imagine how I feel! I thought I was going to post pretty pictures here 🤷🤣

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2 months2 monthsNishyNishy posted:
OB Farmhouse on 90acres, Yamba NSW.

Thanks for the input.
The weatherboard is a FC product rather than timber, so hopefully not so many issues there. I'm not a fan of steel frame and it doesnt…

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2 months2 monthsardesignardesign posted:
Building Costs - Your experience

The latest by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that the average cost per square foot to build a home came out to $85.65.
The survey found that…

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2 months2 monthsStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:

Hi Kev 1
Sounds like you are out Guildford Way?
Resale is the Killer Tho not when they weigh up alternative and potential issues
Heads up...Steer…

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2 months2 monthsInvincibleInDNInvincibleInDN posted:
Building Windsor 40 with Eden Brae (Caddens)

Excited to see some work happening today. EBH started doing the Frame. Yay!!

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3 months3 monthsKingTacoKingTaco posted:
Shipping container home

It would be great to follow your build. I considered a shipping container home, but found there was very little information out there, and it seemed very daunting to try…

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