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5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Bosch semi-integrated dishwasher install

Can't you just send him the product manual with specifications?

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Great app for kitchen renovators

I love the app, so many great ideas and photos! Definitely comes in handy when I'm doing a project.

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
LED Strip Lighting

I've got down lights in the cupboards with false bottoms, I found the LEDs too gave off too much glare and I prefer the light being over top of the…

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Building a storage system for cans in the pantry

Have you looked at Howards Storage World? They have many solutions for storing cans and if you don't want to buy from there you might at least get some ideas.

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
What colour glass splashback with white kitchen

We have simular to you, glossy white cupboards, osprey stone bench and dark brown floor boards, we put in a latte colour splash back, ties in very well.
I was…

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Cleaning after staining deck

Niko, just wondering what you ended up using? I've gotten a bit of decking stain on our tiles and looking for advice on how to remove..

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Help with location of outdoor shower :)

I kind of think a typical shower is 900mm and you could probably get away with 800mm but if you ever be showering with your partner you will need more…

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Help with decking

We put in a spotted gum deck with the screws counter set, it is more work and cost over the nails(pin things) but looks so much better. I kind of…

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Decking and Pergola Permit.....who did or didnt?

We didn't get one for our deck, it's probably on the borderline of being an exempt development and we have a retractable awning to cover it so technically it's not…

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Bathroom Help!

Are you looking for bathroom designers or just tradesman?
I have had no problems in Sydney getting a bathroom designer to come out and quote on the design and installation…

5 years5 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Footrest in shower? any ideas?

I know what you mean, I had a friend put one in (who I don't really see any more but if I do I will ask her)
It was right in…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Kitchen with No Handles

Bump! Someone just had a question about them.

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
20K for small kitchen..unrealistic?

If you are moving in 2-5 years you may not recoup much for a new kitchen you put in now as trends keep moving on.
If the cupboards and skeleton…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Kitchen doors without handles

Our kitchen is handless with the Blum soft close. The top of the drawer face is cut on an angle inwards so you have a bit of a 'lip' to…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Help with remodelling our kitchen - Please!

I love the open plan look and we have done it in our semi detached house.
Personally I would knock down the wall.
I am confused which is you living and which…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Buy now or wait?

We ordered ours but didn't get them delivered for about 6 weeks, I'm not sure about the warranty thing, one of them was payment on delivery but the others we…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Storage for appliances

We have one siimular to steph's however it's just on half of it so has one bi-fold door.
The bottom level has a pull out shelf on tracks that holds…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Induction cooktops and Rangehoods

I have to laugh how people can get so 'heated' over gas V induction!
I think I will pay the bit of extra money for the boost feature, cleanliness, safety and…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
The Appliances We've Chosen and Why

Did you shop around at all?
We choose all of our appliances first and then took our list to 5 different companies for a quote, in the end we got them…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Landscape Contractors - Things to look out for?

Has the designer done the technical drawings or just a design?
For the others, have you gotten your quotes from all of them? Do they all have relevant licenses and qualifications?…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Landscape quotation, is that a good price or not?

Unless you've laid turf before they go over the area and flatten and level it and then bring in a heavy roller, otherwise it can turf out lumpy and you…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Pergola and Deck

I would say you'd need a carpenter, what qualifications does the landscaper have, wouldn't he be getting a carpenter to do it anyways?
Agreed with other posting about clearances and things,…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Outdoor Retractable Awning: Recommendations for Melbourne

Check out what companies the awnings are from at your local cafes, they are usually able to withstand weather.
Some of them are wind sensitive so will automatically wind in but…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Outdoor area advice

A bit more info might help with answers..
What area are you in?
How big is the area you want to do this for?
Tiles can vary in price, you are better…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Renovate to add value - How do I start?

Look up debbie williams and renovating, it is to do with getting a reValuation from the bank however I'm not really sure how to explain it.

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Taking down a wall in a unit - how does it work with strata?

I'm interested to know what happened if the original poster is still out there?

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Bifolds & Stackers & Floors, oh my!

Have you checked out the bi fold doors? We just put some in and the part that the doors sit up against (bottom seal) is a couple cm high to…

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Our DIY Dream Renovation

Looking fantastic!

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Don't know where to start; Advice welcome

Are you renovating to sell, rent out, or live in?

6 years6 yearsLailaLaila posted:
Decking on Tiles

You might want to check out the building codes for your state. There might be a minimum amount of space between the ground and your deck and if you are…

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