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4 months4 monthsLincoln35mk3Lincoln35mk3 posted:
McDonald Jones Build Tender

We have just started construction with MJH. We are building the Saxonvale 36 and honestly could not fault them at all. I know we are in the very, very early…

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5 months5 monthsNorfolkNorfolk posted:
Rawson Balmoral 38 MK1 - Newcastle NSW

Take care interpreting Rawson Homes' 'walk through advice' document. Although its a useful guide, this document is quite deceptive and misleading. It…

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5 months5 monthsSparkyfSparkyf posted:
advice on complaint against windows overlooking neighbours

If your property was built before the neighbour's one, then there was no overlooking issue (onto vacant land)!
The odd thing now too is that bedrooms that overlook have to…

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7 months7 monthsSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Builder denied the new home warranty for the leak on garage

The National Construction Code (NCC) is a 3 part performance based legislated publication comprising the Building Code of Australia (Parts 1 & 2) and the Plumbing Code of Australia (Part…

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8 months8 monthsMooCowMorrisMooCowMorris posted:
Building approval - ducted heating /cooling post handover

G'day. I'm pretty new to this also. Have a look here -

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10 months10 monthskesterkester posted:
Should we include everything in build cost, or do afterwards

I think this is case by case situation. If you have disposable income enough to cover the mortgage repayments and additional costs (such as landscaping), you can choose to exclude…

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11 months11 monthsSejaeDSejaeD posted:
The parties have reached a mutual understanding in resolutio

Hi Everyone
Just a quick update to let everyone know that the parties have ( ie the builder, my wife and myself) have reached a mutual understanding and a resolution of…

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1 year1 yearTrimegaTrimega posted:
Custom 2-storey knockdown rebuild - Canberra

So it's been over a year since my last post, but happy to report that demolition commenced today! They demolition team turned up and didn't waste anytime tearing the place…

Custom 2-storey knockdown rebuild - Canberra
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1 year1 yearSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Private inspector

The clause constitutes an Unfair Contract Term, check the ACCC website for further information.
The clause also reflects the builder's lack of confidence in their QC system and their ability to…

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2 years2 yearsSalfieldSalfield posted:
KDR - Rawson Chifley 42 mark ii in Newcastle.

Well praise the lord. Rawson started cutting our block today. The relief is enormous.

KDR - Rawson Chifley 42 mark ii in Newcastle.
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2 years2 yearsSalfieldSalfield posted:
KDR - Rawson Chifley 42 mark ii in Newcastle.

It’s been a long time coming but today........ finally..... we have some progress. It might not be much but at least we know we haven’t been forgotten. Never liked a…

KDR - Rawson Chifley 42 mark ii in Newcastle.
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