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Two Wells SA
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3 d3 dNicolleAWNicolleAW posted:
Two Wells Dechellis Build

Bit delayed in posting but our PCI was 15.05.2019 and it went pretty well.
There are a few paint and gyprock joins that need fixing, a few window locks didn't work…

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3 d3 dgillybeangillybean posted:
Containment for pets in the living room

Yeah we had the same problem with our Staffy dog, George, always in the kitchen messing around with knives and turning the gas on and off. We eventually just told…

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25 d25 dNicolleAWNicolleAW posted:
Two Wells Dechellis Build

Our render has been painted shale grey and in my head it was a whiter colour so it's darker than I thought but it's growing on me.


More painting and…

1 month1 monthIguanatanIguanatan posted:
Two Wells Dechellis Build

I feel the same way. It is looking magnificent!
I should probably avoid looking at sites like this, now all the decision making is done, but I cannot seem to help…

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1 month1 monthNicolleAWNicolleAW posted:
Two Wells Dechellis Build

Photos are from our visit on the weekend.
Our kitchen splashback is installed. it's called cool view mirror.

Our laundry splash back is all grouted.

The painting was well underway and we are…

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1 month1 monthJollyJolly posted:
Eden Two Wells SA

Quick weeknight visit , cannot believe the frame is up :-D

Feels unreal walking through, loving the guttering and the flow of the roof peaks

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1 month1 monthNicolleAWNicolleAW posted:
Two Wells Dechellis Build

Thanks girl! We are so happy, our bathrooms are amazing!
The little windows in the lounge are my fav, I'm glad we added them but just have to work out…

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1 month1 monthNicolleAWNicolleAW posted:
Two Wells Dechellis Build

We met our SS yesterday afternoon for a walk through and the painters were on site so we weren't able to see the tile line down the hallway but with…

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2 months2 monthsNicolleAWNicolleAW posted:
Two Wells Dechellis Build

Blue board is up, down pipes are on, alfresco ceiling is up, skirting and architraves are done and looks like our ensuite has started being grouted but I couldn't get…

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2 months2 monthsHugeblokeHugebloke posted:
Weeks Custom build - Virginia Grove - SA

The lid is on, glass is in, gas work done.... It's all starting to come together nicely. Especially in terms of being able to see it all physically as I've…

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2 months2 monthsJollyJolly posted:
Eden Two Wells SA

:-o Bricks are on site and we have a bin now


In just over a week we have had some additional pipe and cable works done,…

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