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6 years6 yearsDenymDenym posted:
Coral Homes general build thread

Main floor tile starting today hopefully

Coral Homes general build thread
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6 years6 yearsvonsta76vonsta76 posted:
Coral Homes general build thread

payment definitely at handover mrs! And not before.
Coral Homes Avoca 25 in Gainsborough Greens Gold Coast
Technically that is breaching contract. Payment is due 10 days after PC as per contract.

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6 years6 yearsvonsta76vonsta76 posted:
Coral Homes general build thread

I never got a final walkthrough, in fact i didnt get any except for pci and at handover. But then again i never asked.
My broker organised for me to pick…

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6 years6 yearsBuilding4my3totsBuilding4my3tots posted:
Custom home design Sydney - narrow block: WE ARE IN!

Wait till you move in, and you can use all my contacts to bring your place to your liking!

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6 years6 yearsSteveMcSteveMc posted:
KDR with Rawson Homes - The Edge 39 - HANDOVER 26/9/16

Back breaking day getting the levels sorted.
Best buy ever. 2.4m 4x2 pine from bunnings $7.
Paired with a spirit level.
Standard spade, steel rake.
Nearly there.
Just as I was finishing the rain…

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6 years6 yearsnomnomnomnomnomnom posted:
Dream Metricon Glendale 38 (Sydney)!

There are arguments for doing it both ways (i.e. skirting first then tile, or tile first then put on the skirting), but in my view the better way is to…

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6 years6 yearsTim65Tim65 posted:
Are these bricks dodgy?

Very poor standard of workman ship, I would also be concerned that no protection has been thought of to your door frame, impossible to repair if it gets scratched.

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6 years6 yearsFryeFrye posted:
Halfway mark?

I'd say half way would be just past lock up. Probably locked up and plastered as the fixing stage and completion seem to drag on.
Your build seems a long…

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6 years6 yearsLexie85Lexie85 posted:
Our Coral Homes Journey - Manhattan 25

Just had a call from hubby who just had a call from SS!
Gyprock is happening now and should be done by end of next week! External render etc also starts…

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7 years7 yearschriss841chriss841 posted:
Coral Homes general build thread

Woohoo! We started today!! Site works kicked off with slab scheduled in a fortnight after the other works are done. Through all the pain and suffering that head office have…

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