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3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Tender Process with Rawson...

Hi bavshan
We are currently working through our selections with Rawson - would you mind telling me if, with the bamboo flooring, you will be having scotia around the kitchen island?…

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Eden by Dale Alcock in Aveley - Complete

What a lovely home - congrats!
I love the wood flooring, its beautiful. Would you mind telling me if you have scotia around the kitchen island? We are considering engineered boards…

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Custom home design Sydney - narrow block: WE ARE IN!

I think the suggestions above are great esp Hebel powerfloor - and the layout works well
We are working with a project builder at the moment to build on a narrow…

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
External colour dilemma

We are new homebuilders and unfortunately our builder doesn't really help with external colour selections
We have chosen the following and hoping someone can tell us if the colours will go…

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Dark coloured bricks

we wanted a darker brick that was pretty close to coloured through without the extra expensive price tag
We narrowed it down to
Austral - Metallix Bronz (our final choice)
Austral -…

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Metricon Hudson KDR in Ryde - Landscaping

that's a fantastic kitchen design. It's actually gave me some thoughts for my kitchen design.. THANKS!

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3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Which white cabinets to match caesarstone benchtop

I'm currently trying to finalise kitchen colours - I was set on frosty carrina until I went to a caesarstone display centre today and now I'm torn between frosty carrina…

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Show me your kitchen...

Beautiful kitchen EmmaKay
would you mind telling me what colour your floors are - they are lovely also

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Window frames colour dilemma

We are in the very early stages - still waiting for plans to be finalised by the builder as we've made a few changes - but we like to be…

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Rawson Balmoral Build - anyone care to share

Thanks for that

3 years3 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Rawson Balmoral Build - anyone care to share

We are very new to both this forum and home building but before Xmas we decided to stop procrastinating and made the decision to sign with Rawson - building…

4 years4 yearsMrszzzMrszzz posted:
Custom Build in Hills District - Landscaping Finished :-)

Love the house Maximus!
I have been a long time lurker but we are starting to get serious about building. Seems like you are happy with your builder. Would you mind…

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