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5 months5 monthsNiki24Niki24 posted:
HGWA in Calleya Estate

How exciting! The front looks great!
Mrsxtro01 we built with HGWA and we got our invoice the day before PCI as well.

5 months5 monthsNiki24Niki24 posted:
HGWA in Calleya Estate

Mrsxtro01, about the landscaping, I believe your developer is Stockland? If so, you can't get a consultation for landscaping until after handover anyway. We tried to organise ours but we…

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8 months8 monthsNiki24Niki24 posted:
HGWA in Calleya Estate

We had our timber and roof done a little while back when there were all those storms coming over Perth, but Our timbers went up fairly quickly, but we were…

10 months10 monthsNiki24Niki24 posted:
Gyprock (Drywall) VS White set (Plaster)

We are going with plaster, as my dad and brother will be doing it for us. My dad has been plastering for 30 years, and I know he does great…

11 months11 monthsNiki24Niki24 posted:
Themes of your house!

I like Scandi industrial. Before it was on the show it was what I wanted anyway but I didn't know how to describe it. We have also decided not to…

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1 year1 yearNiki24Niki24 posted:
10m Frontage Block - Dreamstart Build - Calleya Estate

Posting to follow along, your build seems to be going really fast! How exciting!
Love your selections as well, can't wait to see it all come together

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1 year1 yearNiki24Niki24 posted:
Build with HGWA

Following along, we're building with HGWA too, but behind you so looking forward to seeing more of your build :)

2 years2 yearsNiki24Niki24 posted:
Home group wa Pre start

Posting to follow along as we are looking at building with HGWA and were also building the Amalfi. I think I saw that you're building in Dayton as well, we…

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HGWA in Calleya Estate
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