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Edmondson Park
Joined 18 January 2017
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4 d4 dravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Firstyle Hellcat Road Sub division

Hey mate,
My wife and I are building with FS in Edmondson Park as well. There are a few things that FS don't supply, as you've mentioned landscaping is one, screen…

10 d10 dravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Firstyle Home - Braeside 42sq

new2build Just make sure you take your time with your appointments and ask as many questions as you want/need.
Also, just be firm in your…

16 d16 dravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Building with firstyle - Silkwood 20.7

Good luck for your build WhatsUp,
We're currently building with Firstyle in Edmondson Park. I know what you mean when you say its a long wait just getting to the construction…

3 months3 monthsravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Firstyle Home - Braeside 42sq

Hey wazzabrown4, they have a range of carpets to choose from when you head in for your internal colours appointment. It's pretty underwhelming to…

4 months4 monthsravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Building with Firstyle

That sounds terrible RTS,
Who is your Construction Coordinator at Firstyle?
Our slab was laid recently and we'll be moving to the next stage shortly but what you've described is quite worrying

5 months5 monthsravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
My build with Firstyle Homes - Schofields NSW

Hey mickm,
Great blog! We're just setting out with our Firstyle build, hopefully the slab will be down in the next couple of weeks or…

5 months5 monthsravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Building with Firstyle

Hey mate,
We're building a house and land package with FS at Edmondson Park, very excited. Our site looks be starting very soon, start date of March 21 but looks to…

5 months5 monthsravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Firstyle Home - Braeside 42sq

Hey mate,
Who is the guy in Oran Park you're referring to?
I just got a call from our SS this morning to introduce himself and he mentioned that he's moved over…

6 months6 monthsravsingh21ravsingh21 posted:
Any experiences with Firstyle homes

Hi guys!
Have loved reading this thread and the experiences everyone has shared.
My wife and I are first home buyers and building with Firstyle Homes in Edmondson Park, NSW.
We're still very…

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18 January 2017

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