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Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Joined 21 May 2005
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7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
Bit of a challenging problem...

or above the entrance door? shouldnt be noticed there, but may end up creating runs that are too long?

7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
Our Preston @ the 'Coast'

Does anyone have any suggestions.. ?
i suppose you could move the fence to the middle of the retaining wall, the best thats going to happen there is that your…

7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
HELP question re cooling off extended... only a 5% exchange

once you exchange (swap contracts and deposit paid) i didnt think you could extend the cooling off period - its set in legislation. a purchaser can waive it (by…

7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
Offset vs Redraw

offset accounts are nice, higher interest on your money than theyd normally get (savings vs mortgage rates), offset account interest is no longer taxable (it being offset you get none…

7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
First Home Buyer - Wyndham Vale VIC !

theres several treatment levels for pine, you want the level that allows for burial. our pergola uprights and baby retaining wall (2 beams, one completely buried) are made from…

7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
buying a strata property

we found out some more information that the strata may have existed since day 1, just that an investor bought all the properties in 2005. they sold 14 last…

7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
buying a strata property

$800 per quarter sounds a bit rich. Are they charging this much only for a temporary period of time?
yes, its supposed to come down by 100pq next year - the…

7 years7 yearsrhomrhom posted:
buying a strata property

hi all,
hoping someone here may know. were looking at buying a townhouse which is part of a strata but weve been told while they were built around 5-6 years…

13 years13 yearsrhomrhom posted:

we have a semi that we've been renovating on and off (and living in) for last three years. it's now gotten to the point where for what we want…

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