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8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Pricing for retaining walls

A few years ago I got plain bricks from Austral for about 35c a brick.

8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Cost of removing internal feature brick wall

Are you removing the wall because you want more room or you don't like the look?
Because the cheapest option would be just to cement render the wall.

8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
A rant about dark roofs !

Because dark colours, especially black never go out of style?
You can paint the house any colour you like and there is a good chance it will go well with a…

8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
My neighbour's roof and stormwater goes all the way in my bl

I'm surprised that the council allowed approval for such a ******* method for disposing of storm water. I doubt they would allow it to run off freely into the owners…

8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
standard door heightxwidth when framed.?

I have this in my notes from another site. For a 820 wide door.
Total trim opening width should be:
Door 820
Jamb 19mm each side
allowance for plumbing jambs 10
clearance between door and…

8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
How to insulate cold water pipes to stop wasting cold water?

I have the same problem of pipes running thru the roof without insulation. The cold water gets so hot it almost burns. Then the cold water comes through.

8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Data Cabling and You

Like rules and penalties stop people. If you don't tell anyone, how will they know and if anyone does ask, say you lost the form. I can't find the form…

8 years8 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
What are you sick of seeing?

Hey, that sounds like my place.
I have a concrete driveway but cracked and full of weeds :)
My house is on a hill. I work up…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
My exposed backyard by my neighbor. What can I do next?

I have four neighbours, three of them all look into my back yard (all three are two stories set on a hill higher than my house. Doesn't stop me …

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Is this an ok quote for slashing my block of land?

You could poison it. Large spray bottle (the type you carry on your back) from bunnings and some round up or similar. Then watch that stuff shrivvel up in the…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
private electrical pole - We won :) !!!

I like the small metal power poles and its much better having lines going all the way across your yard to the house. They look much better than the old…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Winner - Best residential pool under $100K - Carlisle Homes

At that price... there better be a knock at the door with someone saying... "I 'av come to clean zee pool"

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Removing Gyprock Plasterboard Without DAMAGING IT

Plasterboard is actually glued on, the nails are just there to hold the board as the glue dries.
I am interested as well, because I want to do a cheap reno…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Alfresco Decking Quote - Size 4350 X 3000 mm

I am building a deck at my house, just out of treated pine. 8.8m. by 2.5m. Online quotes for all wood comes in just over $1000. I haven't included bolts…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
How to choose your OWN builder...

I don't mind people asking advice on builders etc. But what gets me is people needing help to decide design choices... I am thinking 'Is this going to be your…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Roof Restoration

From what I have heard... stay away from Modern Group. Those tv commercials aren't free.

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Our Reno, exterior has been updated now its time for the...?

I'd like a kid who can fall asleep anywhere like that.. where do I get one? Mine seems to be faulty and will only fall asleep after being thrown in…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
$10,000 Difference in quotes!

Personally, $6k sounds a little too cheap... for a wall like that.
A thing to remember about quotes that are too high is that the tradie is saying "I don't want…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
What were the "must haves" of your plans??

And nothing to hold it up but hope and faith? :)

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Colorbond v's tile

Tiles can lift and slide down the roof, especially ridge capping that has come loose.

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Termites apparently eat concrete

If there is a crack in the concrete, the little buggers can make the hole bigger and fit through.

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
My loo is so small!

When I travelled overseas, stayed at houses, hotels and the like... some toilets are always full. They drain when flushed full again. Never had a trouble with splashback.... would be…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
No Hands Public Loos

When I was a Maccas worker, the sink where we would wash our hands hand a sensor to turn the tap on and off, just waved our hand over it.

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Signing my mortgage docs tonight

I was more nervous about signing my home loan than the paper work on the day I got married... in fact I sort of forgot how to sign my signiture…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Who would be appropriate to remove an interior gyprock wall

Some councils like you to get their approval before you do internal alterations.
Personally, I would save the money and pull the wall down myself... and have fun doing it

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Floorplan, plumbing & electrical.

Why not put the bathroom next to the kitchen and theirfore have the plumbing down one side of the house and put the master bed next the the 2nd bedroom?…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
buying/building with family??

Agree. Personally I wouldn't do it either.
I also agree to make it legal. Sit down with the family and work out what you want before you even start and…

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Is it really this bad here ?!

Chances are the keyboard you are typing on now is dirtier than the food prep surfaces around the house.
My keyboard has chunky bits between the buttons...

9 years9 yearsshanec1980shanec1980 posted:
Concrete paving slabs used as floor in rear extension

Chances are that the extention started life as a patio with awning and then was enclosed at a later date. Is that what it looks like?

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