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1 month1 monththieledthieled posted:
Painting internal stairs

I've ripped up the carpet from our internal stairs and are planning to paint them. Treads and risers are pine. Would like to do in a solid colour e.g. light…

4 years4 yearsthieledthieled posted:
Nanokote vs EnduroShield on tiles

Has anyone tried applying this to shower wall tiles? Does it help keeping them clean?
Nanokote says it is suitable for ceramic tiles while EnduroShield both ceramic and porcelain. …

4 years4 yearsthieledthieled posted:
Length of walk-in shower

I've thinking about including a walk-in shower for my ensuite reno. Never had one before and I am concerned about floor splash at the open end. I will…

4 years4 yearsthieledthieled posted:
Help please with vanity choice

I had assumed that this would be more expensive?

4 years4 yearsthieledthieled posted:
Slip resistance and bathroom tiles

I'm doing a bathroom renovation and know very little about tiles. Of the floor tile I like (from Beaumonts) one version is a matt slightly textured tile (300x600) that has…

4 years4 yearsthieledthieled posted:
Help please with vanity choice

Hi Folks
I'm planning a bathroom reno and am looking at vanities. I'm after all drawers and am surprised by the small choice available. Most retailers use Timberlink and…

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