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5 years5 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Bar Stool Help

I suppose it depends how you will use them, but without some cushioning padding and some back support I would get sore pretty quick.

5 years5 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Our first build - Seascapes Estate, WA

My window frames are aluminum (was part of the standard specification that my builder (C#llier) offered). I'm not familiar with other frames.
I survived last winter with bare concrete slab before…

5 years5 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Our first build - Seascapes Estate, WA

I built in Seascapes 1 year ago. 15k sounds about right (I think mine was around 13k). The specifics for coastal conditions were from memory, mainly special galvanised ties in…

5 years5 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
What extreme's have you gone through to get what you want?

I'd probably just knock on their door and ask them. At the same time, you could ask them for permission to take a close up photo of the brickwork. If…

5 years5 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Can u use a credit card to purchase a vacant land and build?

I've heard stories about people who had done this.
Probably if the your bank and your builder are willing then your bank can organise it for you.

5 years5 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Access to backyard...

If you wanted to do some serious digging at some point like say for a pool, they can use a small crane to get the bobcat in (it add extra…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Do you think the builder is a little too keen?

Hate to say it: Did you actually read and understand the documents you signed? It would be unusual to get the builder to start quoting just on engineering unless you…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Move toilet after pour

Quite a bit of effort in breaking concrete, moving pipes and then repouring the affected area.
Cheaper than doing it later though.

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Do you have an ethanol fireplace?

I looked into buying one and came to the conclusion that they are really for decoration/ambiance only/not primary heating, the heat they put out isn't enough to do much with.…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Did you leave your builders a gift?

I became friends with one of the tradies and gave him a a bunch of painting/fencebuilding work after the build. As for the builder themselves I give out free recommendations…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Dark or pale roof?

This table lists the colour bond colour by thermal performance as used in BASIX (NSW).
http://www.colorbondcolours.com/commerc ... -and-basix
Unless you live in a mountain hut in southern Tasmania, I'd…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Games room/bar

I'm also interested in a modern looking bar. I did an expansive google search and came to the conclusion that there was nothing much out there premade that you could…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
My Queenslander...renovations and decoration progress!

I've just chosen Dulux Accord for the study in my new house. My interior decorator recommended it.
Did you paint it all full strength?

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
If money was no object?

One of these
http://www.houzz.com/photos/113332/Pool ... -nashville
I'm thinking of getting one of these for my lounge. Will be a bit overkill given Perth doesn't get that cold during winter…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
First Progress Payment

My builder sent me a written authority form already formatted that I just had to sign and date in the appropriate place and pop in the mail.
Rather odd if…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Building a new house in the grounds of your existing home?

Sounds like you want to sub-divide your property?
Best place to get initial advice is probably your council.

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Can rain impact the strength of the frame

I would be surprised if the timber frame wasn't sufficiently treated to be able to handle a bit of rain exposure during construction.

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Block selection - what do you consider

Corner blocks have to deal with traffic noise from two sides.
As part of building convenant may have to build house that has suffiently nice facade on two sides which can…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
developers requirements - eaves

Assuming you bought the land first before you engaged a builder, I imagine the onus is very much on yourself to know the covenant requirements of the area which…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Lighting options in Double Garage

I got recommended to put in a 1m long fluro (standard double car garage). Pretty much just copying what most display homes have.
Depends how much you use your garage…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Anyone seen these anywhere?

I'm sure David Jones would probably have something like that. Maybe something made by Villeroy & Boch.
Though you could probably pick up something similar for a lot less off ebay…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Promo's included in build,what did you get??

Promo at the time: was 5k to use anyway you liked. Free granite benchtops as standard. Free water filter in the kitchen.
For me the 5k basically went towards increasing ceiling…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Structural warranty - does longer terms mean higher quality?

Perhaps a more relevant question would be: If a house has major structural issues or serious defects, are they likely to become obvious within 10 years?
Obviously a company offering more…

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Scaring birds away

Probably not practical.. :)

6 years6 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Broadband Tower on property

How far is a "short distance"?
This is probably worth a read. General consensus seems to be that there is very little evidence for any direct health risks.

7 years7 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
The Online Shopping Thread

If you are thinking about buying anything from US online stores, you'd better order well ahead of time.
I have had a few postage items take over 1 month to get…

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7 years7 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Our little piece of Bedfordale... the end of a chapter

Definitely prefer the Mallee brick, particularly because it kinda links back to the traditional stone houses that I associate with rustic country living - bit like this kinda style you…

7 years7 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Built In Wood Fires

Mostly these are pics from USA houses, some of the more ultamodern fancy ones probably cost a lot/only would make sense in a particular style of house

7 years7 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
“The Block”

I think next Sunday evening (21st) is when the auction will be televised. Presumably the auction happens that weekend.

7 years7 yearsVeefyVeefy posted:
Anyone else modelling these house in google sketchup?

I didn't really design the layout of the house with the program but I have slowly translated my final plans into a model and found 3d models online of all…

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