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3 months3 monthsxaviertipsxaviertips posted:
Pergola Roofing Ideas

I am not sure that a gable is the best option. If you have enough height, a flat roof will be the go. If you need height maybe think about…

3 months3 monthsxaviertipsxaviertips posted:
Using solar panel for roofing?

Making your home energy efficient can be a time consuming and costly expense. For example, I do a lot of roller shutter installations for customers and they usually notice a…

3 months3 monthsxaviertipsxaviertips posted:
Roof restoration 1

I am not sure if you guys are talking about labour costs or what. But i am responsible for quite a lot of roof restorations in South Australia and there…

4 months4 monthsxaviertipsxaviertips posted:
how to replace the damaged pulley in manual roller shutters?

Check out you tube to find some videos. There are normally loads of how to videos. If you are pretty good at following instructions over the phone get in contact…

4 months4 monthsxaviertipsxaviertips posted:
Roof restoration Adelaide

Yea get in contact with Anthony at www.anthonyschlotzer.com, he has a bit of experience and from what i can tell is a pretty straight up sort of…

4 months4 monthsxaviertipsxaviertips posted:
Yellow-ish grey water and no-maintenance gutter guard

Mate i reckon nothing is maintenance free. Once-a-year hose the gutter is pretty spot for medium leaf litter, just make sure that the installer know what they are doing and…

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