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Home Size of New Home in Edmondson Park, NSW!
Hi Guys, After a lot of research I have finally picked my home design. I have decided on the Aron 395 by Sekisui House NSW. The total house size is 405.00 m² (44 squares) approx. My question is what…
2 Replies02 Nov, 2013 10:55pm
Porter Davis homes
Ajd78 some days more happens than others. Yesterday 3/4 of the eaves were put on, today nothing. You'd think they would finish what they started. We are going with the agent we used for…
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9,496 Replies31 Oct, 2013 11:05pm
Dale Alcock first time Build - House behind a house-
After reading a lot on this site I have decided to start my own thread, mainly to get help with issues along the way, we have had a few already!!! I'm 27 my husband is…
11 Replies31 Oct, 2013 10:15am