15 Unexpected Ways Carpet Cleaning Can Make Your Life Better

15 Unexpected Ways Carpet Cleaning Can Make Your Life Better

In reality, there’s no reason for you to not clean your carpet, as there are absolutely zero benefits in regards to keeping it dirty. If you’re at all interested in the benefits of carpet cleaning, the following list of 15 unexpected ways carpet cleaning can make your life better is just for you.

1. Removal of Dust Mites

Cleaning your carpet routinely, as well as properly, will provide a huge advantage in regards to the war on dust mites and other microscopic harmdoers. If you were to clean your carpet improperly, or heaven forbid once every blue moon, dust mites and microscopic contaminants will build up, and will actually become very difficult to remove.

This may result in harmful contaminants being released into the air due to the mass build up, and could actually cause you harm. From infections to minor allergic reactions, you definitely do not want to be on the receiving end of these build ups.

2. Prevention of Mold Growth

If you maintain a constant carpet cleaning regimen, the chances of mold growing within the carpet fibres is virtually non-existent. If your carpet is exposed to constant humidity, mold may be a large hazard. Better to be safe than sorry, clean those carpets. Below you’ll find a list of mold’s harmful side effects.
  • Mold Symptoms
  • Sneezing
  • Dry skin
  • Watering eyes
  • Cough

3. Minor Water Damage Removal

Whether it be a leaky roof or clumsy hands, water may end up on your rug. If not cleaned properly, the carpet may start to smell, and of course grow mold.

With a steady carpet cleaning regimen, any sort of water damage is removed, and therefore doesn’t allow for mass damage to the carpet to occur.

4. Traffic Lane Reduction

When a certain path is constantly travelled across a carpet, something called a traffic lane is created. A traffic lane describes a portion of a carpet that has been clearly walked upon several times. Carpet cleaning easily and efficiently removes traffic lanes entirely.

5. Increasing Your Carpet’s Lifespan

Overtime, dust, mold and contaminants can actually reduce your carpet’s lifespan. The contaminants break down the fibres of the carpet, leading to it’s eventual trip to the landfill. With carpet cleaning, your carpet’s life is prolonged as all harmful substances are removed.

6. Lack of Residue

When cleaning a carpet improperly, cleaner residue is left behind. That very residue often attracts dust and contaminants that may harm your carpet and reduce its lifespan.

7. Appearance

A carpets appearance is perhaps it’s greatest feature. It’s supposed to match your other furniture, all the whlie representing your unique style! You can’t display your uniqueness if your carpet is dirty and covered and dust or hair.

Rather than displaying what you want it to, it’ll display a message saying you couldn’t care less about cleanliness. Believe it or not, a carpet is what most people see first when entering a new area. First impressions matter, so make this one count.

8. Texture

Let’s be real, nobody wants to walk on an uncomfortable rug. Carpets are supposed to be comfy! Something to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Without cleaning your carpet, the carpet fibres will eventually become thicker as they suck in moisture and dust particles. This is not the type of carpet anyone will want to walk on.

9. Smell

Ever wonder why your house smells like a vaccuum? It could be a result of your carpet being cram packed with dust and hair. The average uncleared caroet could fill up to a quarter of a vaccuum’s storage in one go. Pretty crazy. Get that carpet cleaned and the smell will disappear.

10. Airflow

Believe it or not, air quality isn’t the only factor in regards to air that is effected. Airflow is completely altered by the massive amount of dust and debris flying off your uncleared carpets. Your ideal airflow could be clogged with dust and harmful contaminants.

11. Cleaner Pets

Pets, dogs especially, tend to roll around in dirt environments. In this case, that means your uncleaned carpet. If you keep your carpet cleaned, your dog won’t be able to roll around on it, effectively making them cleaner and smelling better.

12. Insect Infestations

Due to the build up of dust, it’s fairly likely that food particles could be trapped within the carpet as well. This uniltimately attracts insects like ants and flies. With a clean carpet, the chances of your home being infested with any manner of insect drops significantly.

13. Unsavoury Smells

Lets say something smells really horrible in your home. Maybe its your bathroom, or perhaps its food that you burnt while trying to make dinner. Either way, that smell could get trapped within an uncleared carpet due to the build up of moisture trapped by dust and possibly mold.

This means it could take several more hours than it should to remove that smell. With a clean carpet, no moisture can trap the unsavoury odours that may be floating around your home.

14. Overall Health

This one is fairly self explanatory, with cleaner carpets comes fewer health risks. This means less chance of getting a cold. Less chance of contracting a virus. Less chance of allergic reactions. The possibilities are virtually endless with this one. Check out this list put together for your convenience.
  • Health Advantages
  • Lower risk of pink eye
  • Lower risk of blood vessel bursts
  • Lower risk of headaches
  • Lower risk a bloody nose
  • Lower risk of clogged sinuses
  • Lower risk of inflammation

15. Reduces Itching

All the dust mites and dirt built up in the fibres in your carpet can lead to irritation of the skin on your feet should you walk on the carpet bare foot. With a clean carpet, you won’t have this issue.

Keeping your carpet clean has never been more interesting and beneficial.

Why waste precious hours of enjoyment when you couse clean your rugs and bask in the multiple benefits it’ll provide?!

In reality, there’s no reason not to enjoy the benefits. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, and for most people, that’s all it takes.