Emily Holsman's pastel painting 'Missy'

Emily Holsman's pastel painting 'Missy'

Many years ago, I lived with my former partner in a lovely Victorian terrace in Moonee Ponds.

In the early days we had no pets and the house felt strangely empty.

One morning, when I opened the back door, I was astonished to be staring into the eyes of a very pretty young cat. She made no attempt to run away and if anything seemed quietly confident. Either that or she hadn't seen food for a while.

It wasn't long before a saucer of milk found its way onto the back verandah and after that she became a regular visitor while our supply of milk dwindled on a daily basis.

I tried to find out if she already had a home but the neighbours said she was most likely the offspring of one of the local stray cats.
And that is how Missy found her way into our home and into my heart.