I fell in love with pastels from the outset.

I am not sure how to explain it, but after my first few sessions in class (where I felt like an interloper), I was hooked.

One day, when I was struggling with a rather headstrong trolley in the local supermarket, when I bumped into (literally) a lovely woman who had been attending the same art class.

'You and pastels.' she said. 'Like a duck to water.'

I have often wondered what makes us connect so strongly with one thing and not another. Why not water colours like my brother or wood carving like my dad?

Many years ago my mother began painting in oils. The accidental pregnancy that resulted in my sister saw mum's wooden case of oil paints, brushes and other paraphernalia migrate to the closet, where it remains to this day.

Some years later, mum returned to art classes and took up pastels, which she enjoyed for many years.

I never knew why she didn't go back to oils and sadly now I never will.