So, you send your hubby out to buy a doona and he comes back with...???

So, you send your hubby out to buy a doona and he comes back with...???

You're wife asks you to pick up a doona, so you go into a store and the salesman tells you that he has the best products spouting some words to back it up... you have nobody else to turn to, do you...
  1. Accept that he knows more than you, so that must be the best advice, and buy his recommneded product?
  2. Accept that he wants a sale so ignore his "wisdom"?
  3. Tell him you are just browsing, work it out yourself?
  4. Keep looking and visit more stores?
Whatever you choose, you don't really know if you are right... he may not even know what is right.

But back to the story... So the salesman says, here this is new technology, you don't need that thick, heavy doona, you only need... Wonder Blanket... and he proceeds to show you a thin, bright silver folded foil, which he opens to be queen size... this he tells you has been scientifically tested to show that it performs equally well when compared to swans' down, and it is non-allergenic, never needs washing, you can even use it as a mirror. It's cheaper than the old-fashioned doona, he says.

Cheaper is always good, and there is scientific proof too, how could you go wrong? So, home you go, and your wife says, "you forgot the doona". So you proudly pull the small packet out of your back pocket, and with a "ta-da", present it to your lovely wife.

You can see the amazement in her face as you tell her the story that the salesman told you, but somehow she is not getting it, "blinded by science" you think to yourself. But no, she wants you to have it all to yourself for the coming night, on the sofa that is.

There is one area in windows that comes with many stories which are designed to confuse... that is low emissivity glass when compared to double glazing. It has this fabulous scientifically measured performance "as good as double glazing".

Well when they say that, just remember that the science of low emissivity glass is the same science of those emergency foil blankets. You are not comparing like with like... ask your wife if you don't believe me...