Being Environmentally Aware with Double Glazed Windows

Being Environmentally Aware with Double Glazed Windows

The new trend is to be environmentally aware; a trend that more people need to get on board with. The status of global warming is at an all-time high, with damaging effects on this beautiful ecosystem that we live in. Lowering the impact of our carbon footprint makes a small difference, however, every step in that direction contributes to the solution to this growing issue. Having an open mindset can be tricky – especially with the consistent change in new technology and the overwhelming expectation to be quick and efficient in our everyday lives.

Let me introduce you to Double Glazed windows
Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by either air gap, or for better results, inert gas. The gap is the most crucial part of the Double-Glazed unit; it allows the two sheets of glass to create a space that acts as an insulator.
The gap in the double-glazed unit ensures the loss of heating and cooling is minimised. Not only that, but it also restricts outdoor temperatures from leaking into your home in those hot or cold climates.

Investing in Double Glazing goes beyond saving money on your energy bills; it will serve to decrease your carbon footprint.
Older or poorly designed windows can set you up to overuse your heating or cooling system, resulting in an alarming amount of greenhouse gas being produced. By using Double Glazed windows, we can contribute to the reduction of up to 700kg of carbon gas emission on an annual basis. (Source: '')

The benefits of having double-glazed windows are more than the beauty of looking at them. The rewarding benefits of replacing your windows are worth the time and money - especially if you are seeking another way to do your part in the environment and save money at the same time.

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