Get the most out of your kitchen space

Get the most out of your kitchen space

DEALING with the clutter of a bulky kitchen area is now a thing of the past, as Liberty Kitchens takes a leap into providing a kitchen that utilises clean, neat and crisp lines, with a great range of ‘integrated’ and ‘hidden’ options for your kitchen.

Designed and constructed for practicality and with a modern feel Liberty Kitchens have integration options to suit any home including drawer systems, waste bins, base cabinet storage, appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves, cabinet and pantry solutions as well as a full range of electronic, touch to open doors and drawers.

Dale Wathen from Liberty Kitchens said, “We can pretty much integrate everything in your kitchen and hide things from sight, so
that you get the most of your kitchen space. “Getting the most out of your kitchen space is important not only for the modern day chef but also the home cook and our range of integrated kitchen ideas can help you do that. “Most people spend a great deal of their time in the kitchen and
integration will not only make that an even more pleasurable experience but will help to organise their kitchen like never before,” Dale said.


To speak with the Liberty Kitchens team about integrated kitchen ideas or view their new display, drop into their showroom at 60 Williams Road, Shepparton or phone 5831 2620.