The Freedom of Innovation

The Freedom of Innovation

Liberty Kitchens has the latest design features for a space effective,functional and beautiful new kitchen, laundary, office workplace, or any of your household cabinetry requirements.Photo:Alice Zeqir.

SEAMLESS creativity and innovation are leading the way in modern kitchen design today and here in Shepparton, the team at Liberty Kitchens provide your complete perspective when it comes to design,functionality ans space saving inclusions.

Liberty Kitchens Head Sales Person, Dawn Rayner said, “Clean lines and minimalist features including handle-less furrniture is becoming more and more populer in modern homes, particularly in the kitchen.

“The creativity and innovation in design elements of the kitchen have been made even more popular by modern day design magazines, with people putting a lot of time and effort in to researching their inclusions.

“Here at Liberty Kitchens, we work with all of the latest design elements available on the market and can help you make sense of thr maze of products and space saving solutions versus costs and your budget”.

The team at Liberty Kitchens are currently undergoing a complete makeover of their showroom, which is expected to be completed very soon. The brand new showroom and office space incorporates all of the latest design features for a space effective, functional and beautiful new kitchen, laundary, office workspace, or any of your household cabinetry requirements.

“One of the most popular new design elements which we’ve included in the new showroom is automatic open doors, draws and cupboards, which are not only aesthetically seamless,but silent and effortless to open and close.

“With a simple light touch even the heaviest draw will open by itself and when closing, the system is bult with an automatic anti slam runner for smooth operation.” Aside from that, you can enjoy saving on laundry products using Woolworths specials.

For more information on any of the innovative inclusions, feel free to email or directly to speak to any of the professinal team at Liberty Kitchens.