Design and Decor Ideas for Your New Home

Design and Decor Ideas for Your New Home

When you are moving to a new home, it is a chance to take some creative design liberties that you may not have been able to do in your old home. Now is the time to take advantage of having a blank design slate and choose your designs before moving in. When you don’t have your furniture and family in the home yet, it can be easier to paint and plan out your design options. Starting from scratch allows you to build an entire new design for each room.

Planning Ahead
The whole idea here is, of course, to plan ahead. Getting your designs planned out and implemented before moving in to your new home will make your job much easier. You can begin the design process as soon as you know the layout of your new home and it is never too early to start planning. Use magazines or popular design websites to help you find what you want each room to look like. When you find your favourite design elements, colours and style ideas or features, you should collect them in one place. Then sketch out a floor plan for your entire new home so that you can be sure that everything will fit properly and look right. For an even better idea, use an online design program or application that will help you design and visualise the whole thing. Planning ahead not only helps you with the design elements and makes for less work, it also can help save you money because you have time to bargain shop and find the best deals.

Choose Colours for Each Room
Each new room of your new home is like a blank canvas. It’s easier to make changes in the colour and layout of your rooms now, before you have to work around your furniture and all your belongings. Choose a colour for each room and get the basics done before move in day. That way, when you do move in, you feel more at home faster. Once your furniture, belongings, and family are in the house, it is a much harder to change the colour scheme; it becomes a big project that involves covering or moving the furniture (again).

Finding the Right Bargains
When looking for bargains for your new home, take your time and do your homework. As with anything, the least expensive prices are not always the best deals because cheap furniture might have to be replaced sooner. Finding the right balance between quality products on sale vs. cheap things takes time, which is why we advise to start early. Early shopping and designing doesn’t’ always have to be about the cheapest deals either, perhaps you want to spring for that one item that you really love. Never fear, quality furniture will last you longer and that saves you money in the long run. Then shop around for bargains on the accent pieces and accessories. When you find a throw rug, accent pillows, mirror, or lamp you like, those are the type of things that you can shop around for and often find at a bargain. Of course, another element of bargain shopping is not to do everything at once. If there is a piece that you really want and you know that it might be on sale soon, then you can decide to wait for that coveted piece. You can plan your design ahead of time, but no need to get everything all at once. In many cases some of your current furniture can blend into a new room design and will gain new life and look different with different flooring, rugs, accent pieces, or lighting. That is a great bargain and a great way to keep something you love. Old furniture or décor can look new with new paint too.

Blend the Old with the New and Everything is New!
Moving is already a big expense, so every room does not have to be redesigned. This concept not only saves money, but also helps you keep the things you love, the things you are familiar and comfortable with, and keep some nostalgia too. As we explained above, redesigning, lighting, or paint can make old things look completely different, not just new. Just because you are starting over with a new home doesn’t mean that you cannot keep some of your old home, memories, and nostalgia.

Need a Place to Get Started? Begin in Your Bedroom
Since you spend about 1/3 of your time at home in your bedroom and it is the place where you need to be able to relax, start on your bedroom first. That should be ready when you move in. Sound and comfortable sleep are so important, so be sure that your bed is the best it can be. Use your favourite, soothing colours in the bedroom and invest in a great mattress and high tread count, good quality bedding. A durable bed and bedding will pay off tenfold. Remember that your bed and your bedding will stay with you for many years.

Planning ahead and starting your new home design early has many benefits. Each new room of your new home is like a blank canvas. If you need design inspiration help, look to the design sites online or get a design application for your computer or mobile device. These can help you play around with what you have to work with and the measurements of each room to see how all of your design ideas and existing furniture will work in your new home. See how you can save money by bargain shopping and incorporating some of your old things and make them new. All of your efforts ahead of time will make moving in easier and help your new house feel like “home” that much faster.