Adelaide Electrician Talks Electricity Costs

Adelaide Electrician Talks Electricity Costs

Since the 1800s, we have enjoyed the wonders of electricity in our households. Light bulbs light up our houses; we stay warm during winter through the heater, and we keep cool during summer thanks to the AC. However, with the use of electricity comes the equivalent costs; and in South Australia, electricity rates are high. Here, we’ll talk about how you can save up your electricity and further decrease your bill.

Electricity Usage

Electricity usage varies from household to household. Some households use more appliances than the others. On average, according to the 2016 census, a two-person household in this Southern Australian city consumes an average of 4,515 kWh in one year. Other households consume up to 4,503 kWh a year, based on 2020 numbers. But why is it important to know your electricity usage? Well, knowing your average electricity in a month is helpful in anticipating your bill the next month.

Electricity Costs

Now that you know how much electricity you consume, you’ll need to consider how much you would pay for every kilowatt-hour of electricity you consume. Again, knowing the electricity costs for your area will help you to estimate your electricity bill.

In Australia, two components make up the power rates that you’d pay—supply and usage rates. You pay for your connection to the energy supply network (supply rates). You also pay for the amount of kWh you consume (usage rates). South Australian rates for usage rates are at 0.20c to 0.40c per kWh.

Tips for Reducing Your Bills

There are many ways to reduce your electricity bill. For example, you can lessen the usage of high electricity-consuming appliances such as your heaters and ovens.

Support Renewable Energy Sources
You can find power plants for renewable and non-renewable energy sources in South Australia. These plants sell the generated electricity to retailers who then sell their services to us. You may not think about it, but knowing whether your energy retailer uses renewable energy can affect how much your electric bill will be. In terms of wholesale costs, renewable sources are less expensive than non-renewable ones.

Avoid Lock-in Contracts with Electricity Retailers
Retailers push their transmission and distribution costs onto you, the consumer. Negotiate with your existing retailer regarding pricing as much as possible. You can also opt for switching retailers when lower price options are available. Avoid priced-based marketing promotions that hook you onto long-term contracts. Although long-term tiered-pricing structures look cost-effective, in reality, they aren’t.

Scrutinise your contract
South Australia’s National Energy Retail Law helps you to become an informed electricity consumer. This law protects your rights as a consumer, and sets out your responsibilities. In addition, Australian laws subject energy retailers to provide you with a summary of the contract, without withholding any important information. You can read between the lines of these contracts, and decide which is the most cost-efficient. Reduce your electric bill by being an informed consumer about electricity costs Adelaide.