Rinnai Gas Hot Water Systems

Rinnai Gas Hot Water Systems

When Rinnai started its journey in the early 90s, its goal was to become the top performer in Adelaide’s domestic market. In the past three decades, the brand has transformed the concepts about hot water supply in Australia.

With the extensive range of hot water supply systems, Rinnai can meet the needs of any household.

Quite simply, no matter what your lifestyle is, Rinnai hot water systems have the right solution for you.

What is a Continuous Flow Hot Water System?

So, what makes the continuous flow hot water system ideal for households?

Basically, it is a tankless system that comes with compact wall-mounted units. The cold water is indirectly heated as it passes through heated copper pipes. Once you turn on the tap, a trigger mechanism turns on the heating element that heats the water to the required temperature.

All the hot water systems from Rinnai deliver high efficiency and have advanced temperature control technology. Rinnai not only installs the main system but also offers a range of accessories to enhance the overall aesthetic look.

Besides, Rinnai has systems that are perfect for domestic as well as commercial purposes. If you don’t want your system to be serviced by a gas plumber, you can choose from the solar-powered water heating units.

How They work

As per the AS/NZS350 regulations, a maximum temperature of 50°C is allowed in domestic installations when the water is used for personal hygiene.

In the Rinnai Preset 60°C appliances, a tempering valve controls the temperature of the bathroom supply and limits it to 50°C. The hotter water is supplied to the kitchen and laundry where it is used effectively for rinsing and degreasing.

In other domestic installations, preset 50°C appliances are used. Through these units, the entire household water supply is maintained at 50°C.


Here are some of the main advantages of Rinnai appliances.
  • The high efficiency and compact size of the units make them ideal for domestic use.
  • The system saves fuel and requires less maintenance than a tank system.
  • High star rating for energy savings.
  • The units are easy to install and come with aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • Each unit offers top-rate quality and increased corrosion resistance.
  • A range of six dedicated models suitable for domestic, builders, and commercial use.

The system has a few cons too.
  • Temperature losses can occur due to pipework and defects in insulation.
  • Choosing the right size can be confusing for buyers.
Why Choose Rinnai

Rinnai offers top-notch reliability with a wide range of products. Each product ensures an environment-friendly performance and energy savings. At the same time, it ensures complete safety at all steps.

In addition, Rinnai also offers a market-leading warranty for all its products. With excellent customer care and support, you can be assured of hassle-free performance for years without fail.


All Rinnai continuous flow hot water systems meet the highest standards to offer the best performance in Australian conditions.
If you are looking for a smooth hot water supply in your home, the Rinnai systems are worth a closer inspection.