Renovating Your Bathroom: What You Need to Know

Renovating Your Bathroom: What You Need to Know

What’s in a bathroom?

Well… you.

Did you know that if you live an average lifespan you will spend well over two years of your life in the bathroom? From showering to brushing your teeth to...ahem...that other stuff with the toilet, there are a lot of activities that typically happen in the bathroom.

How do you renovate your so-so bathroom into a place where you really want to be spending all that time?

Let’s find out!

Start Daydreaming

Bathrooms can be simple but serviceable all the way up to lavish and opulent. What kind of bathroom would you like? Do you want a classic look? Lots of marble tile? Sharp, contrasting colours?

It’s your bathroom, you can make it almost any way you want!

Talk to a Contractor

Before you get too crazy with planning, research contractors. When it comes to bathroom renovation in Adelaide, it’s important to do some shopping around.

Not all contractors are equal and the one offering the cheapest price is usually not the best choice. Get some referrals or investigate potential companies online.

The right contractor will help you with your renovation from the design stages through hanging the mirror on the wall. That’s what you want to ensure stellar workmanship.

Get Your Building Permit

Significant renovation often requires a building permit. This is usually based on whether you will be making structural changes. If not, you may not need a permit. Your contractor can usually help you decide if you need to apply or not.

Demolish the Bathroom

Once the planning and preparation are out of the way, it’s time to get the old materials out of the way too. Organise a skip to ensure you have someplace to put all the debris.

Plumbing and Electrical

The walls are often open at this point, which is the perfect opportunity for the plumber and electrician to come in and redo the pipes and wiring. Once this task is finished, the plasterboard can be installed.


After the walls are closed up, tiles (if you’re using them) can be laid on the floor and walls. Tile is a very versatile material for use in bathrooms. It holds up well with all the moisture, is easy to clean, and you can create virtually any look with it that you like.

Install Cabinets and Fixtures

Things are really coming together now. The cabinets and all the bathroom fixtures will go in at this point and the plumber and electrician will come back to hook everything up.

The Icing on the Cake

To finish off your new bathroom, you can paint the walls, hang a mirror, put up some artwork, and add other little touches that give your bathroom its own character.

Now, instead of a so-so bathroom, you can enjoy months of your life in a delightful place that makes you happy!