Select the Right Showerhead for You

Select the Right Showerhead for You

An excellent showerhead can rejuvenate your showering experience. It’s therefore essential to select the right one to ensure stimulating, relaxing, soothing or revitalising showers.

There are numerous brands in the market, each with varying quality and efficiency. These insightful tips will help you choose the best showerhead for you and your loved ones.

Types of Shower Heads
Your home's best type of shower head depends on your particular needs. For instance, households with many family members need adjustable showerheads with multiple settings.

The most popular types of shower heads are:
  • Regular Fixed showerheads
    Regular fixed showerheads are the most common type. The showerhead and arm are a single unit mounted on the wall.

    Regular fixed showerheads are perfect if you don’t need additional pressure or multiple functions. They are also the most affordable type.
  • Rain Showerheads
    Rain shower heads produce larger droplets and cover a wider area for a rainfall effect. They deliver warmer water at high pressure and sharp angles, reducing the actual water output.

    Rain shower heads require ceiling mounting, but some models allow wall mounting.
  • Handheld Showerheads
    Handheld showerheads have a flexible, detachable arm that helps to control the water direction. You can move the showerhead without adjusting your body position.

    They are perfect for children and people with limited mobility.
  • Dual Showerheads
    Some shower heads combine the benefits of a handheld and a fixed showerhead. These units have an overhead showerhead and a flexible arm with a rainfall shower head.

Plumbing Considerations
Your plumbing configuration will determine the most suitable showerhead type. Some types require overhead plumbing, while others are only compatible with wall plumbing.

You can install a dual or fixed showerhead if you have standard wall plumbing. Rain showerheads often require new plumbing for ceiling-mounting. Your pipes may also be too narrow for some models.
  • Installation
    The installation will be direct if your desired showerhead is compatible with the current plumbing. However, some showerheads require elaborate installation.
  • Water Pressure
    The water pressure in your home also affects your showerhead choice. Larger or more robust showerheads may need more water pressure than your system can deliver.

    Some showerheads can work with water pressure below 5 litres per minute. However, some models only work with high water pressure above 10 litres per minute.

    If your water pressure is low, dual or fixed showerheads will work best for you.
Showerhead types with complex designs are more expensive. Generally, additional flexibility and features come with a higher price tag.
For instance, dual showerheads often cost about $280 or more. However, they make more sense long term due to water savings.

Rain showerheads are more luxurious yet are cheaper at about $220 ($100 for the showerhead and $120 for the shower arm). However, ceiling-mounting may be a challenge that will incur extra costs.
  • Sustainable Showerheads
    Conserving water doesn’t mean sacrificing water pressure and luxury. All showerheads in Australia have a Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rating from 0-6.

    Higher ratings indicate better water efficiency. You’ll use less water and save more costs.
  • Smart Showerheads
    Smart showers are relatively new to the Australian market, but they promise to revolutionise your showering experience. You can adjust settings without touching knobs or buttons while in the shower.

    For instance, some showerheads have water-powered Bluetooth that links to your smartphone. Other models are compatible with digital assistants like Alexa and have in-built speakers.
  • Rebates
    Various government agencies and water providers offer financial incentives to encourage the installation of water-efficient showerheads.

    For instance, the Victorian Energy Upgrades program has a rebate for new low-flow showerheads of about $60. This amount varies depending on your particular case.
Modern showerhead designs offer a luxurious, personalised experience while minding water usage. They are affordable, and most designs don't require extensive plumbing work.

When refurbishing your bathroom, be sure to include a new showerhead to give you the shower experience you deserve.