What Do Your Neighbours Pay for Water in Central Coast?

What Do Your Neighbours Pay for Water in Central Coast?

Understanding the cost of your water is important as a consumer. You need to know exactly what you pay for. This can help you to see if you are consuming more water than you need to.

Understanding your water bill helps you to plan out your water usage strategically. Take a look at the main components of your water bill, and get a firm idea of the cost of water in Central Coast.

Water Costs Components

Water is paid in various components and you need to know what they are. The main components are as follows:
  • Water Usage- This tells you how much water you are using during a given billing cycle.
  • Water Service- The amount of money you pay to gain access to the supply.
  • Sewerage-The money that you pay to gain access to the disposal systems in the region.
  • Stormwater-When storms happen an overflow of water that needs to be drained may occur. This fee pays for the draining of the overflow.
Each component of your bill is unique and is meant to take care of different parts of the water supply system.

Average Water Costs

Water costs will be different based on the type of dwelling in which you live. On average you can expect to pay more for some components of the bill if you live in a house.

Sewerage and stormwater payments have some of the highest costs in each region. Here’s a breakdown of the payments, so you can have a firm idea of what is paid on average.

Gosford Payments for Houses
  • Sewerage-$488.81
  • Stormwater-$103.21
  • Water Usage-$2.00
  • Water Service-$83.41

Gosford Payments for Apartments
  • Sewerage-$451.46
  • Stormwater-$77.41
  • Water Usage-$2.00
  • Water Service-$83.41

Take a look at the breakdown in payment for Wyong.

Wyong Payments for Houses
  • Sewerage-$457.45
  • Stormwater-$71.41
  • Water Usage-$2.00
  • Water Service-$83.41

Wyong Payments for Apartments
  • Sewerage-$420.10
  • Stormwater-$71.41
  • Water Usage-$2.00
  • Water Service-$83.41
Tips for Reducing Your Bills

Most of these costs you have no control over. The only one you truly can control is your water usage. There are a few tricks you can use to reduce your usage and pay less.

For example, you can try taking shorter showers and opting for baths instead. If you have a garden or a lawn avoid watering it during the highest temperatures of the day, you may have to use more water as the water will evaporate quickly, due to heat.

Using trigger nozzles on your hoses can also be very helpful as it gives you more control over how much water is used. Wash your vehicles with these nozzles as well to conserve water.

When you understand how your water bill is calculated, you will have a better chance of controlling your usage. Knowing how much you are actually paying for every aspect of the service can provide the transparency you need to conserve more.