Why Choose a Rheem Electric Hot Water System

Why Choose a Rheem Electric Hot Water System

Rheem is a trusted brand when it comes to meeting Australia’s hot water needs. With support from an unmatched network of Rheem installers, consumers from Adelaide can easily find a quality agent to help select and install a Rheem electric hot water system in their homes.

Rheem first began making water heaters in Australia in 1939. Their popularity among residential property owners has continued to grow throughout the generations, thanks to their sterling reputation for producing quality products. Hot water plumbers and electricians supporting the Rheem name brand are hand-picked by the company, ensuring only the best agents are representing their brand.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Water heating systems are the second-biggest user of electricity in a home, falling only behind heating and cooling systems, according to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. On average, a five-minute shower uses about 4,000 watts of electricity to heat the water.

Electric hot water heating systems by Rheem are among the most popular way for Australians to heat the water in their homes. Their electric storage water heaters store ample hot water in the tank for immediate use. Electric elements and a thermostat are used to heat and maintain the homeowners' preferred water temperature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Water Heaters

Fewer things are more jarring to the system than a surprise cold shower first thing in the morning. When you buy a Rheem electric water heater, it comes with a "same day hot water" guarantee. Customer calls for speedy service, repairs, and replacement will occur in the same day the service call is placed.

Other advantages of electric water heaters include:
  • Minimal upfront costs for purchase and installation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safe to operate

There are a few disadvantages to electric water heaters, including a slower heating time than their gas counterparts and failure to operate during a power outage.

Why Choose Rheem

Rheem has an electric water heater to suit every family’s needs. Our models come with a 5-star energy rating, 10-year cylinder warranty, and the guarantee of steady hot water.

Some of the recommended models include:
  • Rheem Compact Electric Water Heater has a 50L capacity and is designed for small spaces.
  • Rheem’s Stellar Stainless Steel comes with a 5-star energy efficiency rating, high recovery of 200L/hour, and modern design to complement any home. Ideal for households of 2-4 or 3-5.
  • RheemPlus Electric Water Heater does not require a tempering valve and is a 50-degree C temperature-limited model.
  • Rheem 491/492 Series comes in sizes ranging from 80L to 400L. They contain the same footprint and plumbing connections as previous models for an easy retrofit. The 491/492 series includes an exclusive Rheem Ultranamel coating, making it more durable than models containing a domestic Class X enamel. The models in this series suit lower cost tariffs and come with a 12-year cylinder warranty.

A Trusted Professional

Precise Plumbing and Heating is a proud Rheem installer and the leading plumbing and electrical maintenance company in Adelaide. They understand the value and quality of Rheem hot water systems and offer a selection of Rheem products to their customers.