What Are The Benefits Of House Rendering?

What Are The Benefits Of House Rendering?

Rendering houses or buildings is something every homeowner wishes to achieve. There are several reasons why you should choose rendering services over other methods. This article will explain some of these benefits.

People have been using natural materials such as bricks and mortar to build their homes since ancient times. Over time, however, the materials they used became less durable, especially after exposure to extreme weather conditions and heavy rainfalls.

Instead of waiting for nature to grant you a better material, render houses today because it has numerous advantages. Aside from being environmentally friendly, rendering also gives you full control of your house's appearance.

Another benefit of rendering is that it does not require much maintenance. Most people tend to spend more on maintaining their property than actually improving its look.

Furthermore, rendering is cheaper compared to remodelling. If you want to give your house a facelift, you'll probably need to shell out hundreds of dollars in labour fees. With rendering, however, all you need to invest is a few hundred bucks.

If you would rather stick with the same material but change the render colours, you still have options. All you need to do is buy pre mixed top and new materials and mix them together to create an entirely different shade.

Finally, no one likes a dirty house. Dirty exterior walls make everyone around it feel uncomfortable. As we have mentioned above, professionally rendered homes allow you to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. If you already own a beautiful house without dirt, you owe it to yourself to renovate it by hiring a rendering service provider.

Please note that there are various types of render finish available depending on the type of surface that needs to be rendered. For example, concrete floors don't react well with water-based paints, while plywood surfaces need special care.

Traditional Rendering

The biggest benefit of rendering is its ability to change the appearance of your house. Many two-storey homes are bland and boring. Adding some colour to the design can really improve the aesthetic appeal. Even if your house already has great features, adding another element like a fence or shutters can make your property even more eye-pleasing.

There are many kinds of render finishes available. These include acrylic render, which is commonly known as 'water paint', polymer render, cement and others. Different materials are ideal for specific scenarios.

For instance, polymers are perfect for high-traffic areas. A cement rendered top coat is used when you want your home to last longer. Polymers are ideal for indoor applications because they're water-resistant and non-toxic. Polymeric material tends to adhere to each other easily.

Acrylic is usually used for outdoor purposes, including fences, sheds and lawns. It dries fast and takes only about 30 minutes to drying times. Acrylic is best for large projects.

It does not attract insects, unlike wood which can become infested. However, it cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. So you will need to apply a primer before applying acrylic paint.

The cost to render varies greatly depending on the square metre or size of the project. In general, larger jobs cost more because of the time required for drying. Smaller projects may cost less because it doesn't take long to dry.

When choosing a professional company, ask how they guarantee the quality of work. Inquire if they perform regular inspections to ensure that everything is done properly. Ask if they offer guarantees such as free replacement parts and labour.

Tips for DIY rendering

1. Make sure to use quality products. Buy premium-grade premixed render materials instead of cheap ones.
2. Mix the right amount of product using the right tools. Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
3. Keep your equipment cool. Heat can cause cracking or discolouration in the final product.
4. Follow the directions carefully. There is nothing worse than getting a textured finish product that isn't what was expected.

These are some of the key benefits of rendering services. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire professionals, it won't hurt to get advice from an experienced contractor to help you out. Remember, a well-maintained home is a healthy investment.