What’s the Best Exterior Floor Coating? The Case for Using Polyaspartic Outside

What’s the Best Exterior Floor Coating? The Case for Using Polyaspartic Outside

Polyaspartic coating utilises a specific type of polyurethane that creates a very fast curing floor surface. The standout element when comparing this to epoxy resin flooring is its suitability for use outside.

But what is it that makes it so different from regular epoxy flooring? The following discusses the reasons that polyaspartic might be the right choice for your next exterior project.

· Durability: Polyaspartic is one of the most durable and long-lasting flooring options that is completely impervious to the elements. From UV rays and excessive heat to torrential downpours and rapidly changing temperatures, the chemical makeup of polyaspartic remains constant.
· Practicalities: Polyaspartic doesn’t yellow or go brittle. It doesn’t shrink or change consistency with extremes of ambient temperature – however hot it gets, your tires won’t stick. It’s resistant to virtually all chemicals, impact and the heaviest of foot and/or wheeled traffic. Very importantly, it has an incredibly long lifespan – you can realistically expect an outside polyaspartic floor to last up to 30 years. It’s also offers exceptional slip resistance – an essential element of any outdoor surface. Last, but not least, are the fast-curing properties. This allows the project to be undertaken and the area back in use in the shortest timescale.
· Aesthetics: It looks fabulous! Choose from a huge range of colours and shades, plus a variety of finishes to meld seamlessly with any outdoor landscape.
· Versatility: It’s a great all-round flooring option and works as well indoors as it does out. A great choice for projects that need to flow seamlessly from an interior to exterior location.

Consider using polyaspartic in these outdoor locations

Let’s look at some of the most popular uses of polyaspartic in domestic, commercial and industrial locations.

· Patios and decks: The durability, non-slip surface and resistance to UV rays and inclement weather make polyaspartic a great choice.
· Swimming pool surrounds: Resistant to chlorine and other chemicals, won’t fade over time and is non-slip when wet.
· Driveways and garages: Chemicals, oils and other liquids can simply be wiped away. Super robust, no matter how heavy or constant the wheeled traffic might be. Plus, it looks great.
· Pathways, walkways and pavements: Non-slip, can cope with heavy traffic and stands up to whatever the weather throws at it.
· Playgrounds: Provides a safe, non-slip surface for little ones. Can easily be colour zoned for practical and aesthetic appeal.
· Sport courts: An ideal surface for fast-paced sports activities. Use colour to mark out court areas. Impervious to sport shoe marks and non-slip, even when wet.
· Staircases: Stands up to the heaviest of foot traffic for many years. Non-slip, won’t yellow from UV rays and/or weather extremes and can be colour-coded to match the surrounds.
· Balconies and terraces: Won’t fade or yellow from sun exposure and other weather conditions, comes in bespoke colour choices and finishes to complement surrounding décor. Exceptional longevity.
· Commercial outside spaces: From loading bays to car parks, alfresco dining areas to forecourts… Incredible value for money, a safe and non-slip surface for all who walk and/or drive on it, easy colour customisation to match branding and excellent resilience to the toughest of wheeled and foot traffic.

Polyaspartic floor coatings can be used over a wide variety of substrates - from concrete to tiles, wood – and even glass. Installers love its fast-curing properties and end users benefit from incredible aesthetics, longevity and one of the safest outdoor surfaces on the market. This product is available in Ultra Clear, or can be tinted in your choice of colour.

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